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Coonan .357 Magnum Silver Bullet Keychain

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Does not turn blue when cold

  • "Silver Bullet" key chain
  • Actual .357 magnum bullet, coated in silver
  • This is not usable ammo! No powder or primer

silver bullet noun
: something that very quickly and easily solves a serious problem :

Are you trying to defeat a werewolf? Is a pesky supposedly "unkillable" witch plaguing you? Are you the Lone Ranger? You need a silver bullet, friends. It is, metaphorically, the perfect solution to each of your problems. This silver bullet keychain may not technically address "all" of those obstacles life throws your way, but it is really, really great at helping you keep track of your keys!

This is a Coonan .357 magnum bullet, jacketed in 99% pure silver, is housed in a handy keychain case. The gunpowder and primer have been removed, and the primer seat of the ammo has been drilled out, so it can never be used in a firearm. Don't actually try to kill a werewolf with this bullet. Call a professional werewolf hunter. They're in the phone book.

Why a dummy round? Live ammo has quite a few shipping and locational carry restrictions so we had the nice folks at Coonan make a version that keeps everything safe and simple.

Product Specifications

  • Silver bullet (dummy round) with key chain carrier
  • For apocalypse planners, werewolf hunters, and anyone looking for answers
  • Coonan .357 bullet with silver coating
  • Contains no gun powder or primer and the primer seat has been drilled out: cannot be used in a firearm

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