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Story War: Storytelling Party Game

This product is no longer available

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Make up stories and defeat your enemy.

  • Choose a champion, select an arena, and then get ready to battle.
  • Don't battle with points - battle with creativity and words.
  • And then the judge decides who wins.

Battle is fun. It's why we play vs.-type games, like Super Smash Brothers and Marvel vs. Capcom and just about a bajillion other games. But what if you could play these games without electricity, without numbers, and without not using your imagination? Well now you can! Story War: Storytelling Party Game is a little hard to describe, but it's so much fun. Read on, and share our love.

In Story War: Storytelling Party Game, players choose a Warrior card (like Medusa or Puss In Boots) from their hand to represent them in battle. Then, multiple players must work together as a team to defeat the players on the other side of the table. Use Treasure cards (like Excalibur or Flying Carpet) to get out of tight spots and turn the battle around! Each battle is also set on a Battlefield (like Beanstalk or Sleepy Village) and players can use the terrain to their advantage. It's like a very simplified Dungeons & Dragons. Story War: Storytelling Party Game forces you to come up with ridiculous creative narratives and then get your friends to go along with them. With Story War: Storytelling Party Game, there are no numbers or statistics; each card is only as powerful as the story you create for it! A true war of words!

Story War: Storytelling Party Game

  • Great for all ages (special rules included for younger battlers).
  • Everyone chooses a Warrior card to represent them in battle. Then use Treasure, the Battlefield, and your creativity to battle it out with your enemies.
  • A great game that combines storytelling and COMBAT!
  • For 3-8 players (players will take turns being the judge).
  • Includes: 50 Warrior cards, 25 Battlefield cards, 25 Item cards, 12 blank cards, instructions, and box.

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