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Smart Mass Kinetic Sand

This product is no longer available

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Take your idle hands to the beach!

  • Sand that just won't stay still.
  • Mold it, shape it, and then poke it and watch it collapse.
  • 98% sand and 2% magic.

 Smart Mass Kinetic Sand

There's something so magical about the beach. Feeling the sand beneath our bare feet and the cool waves are just intoxicating. And once we're at peace, then we can begin the process of building epic sand castles. Mixing water and sand, you can mix a weird consistency that will allow you to build magic structures. Well, it's time to bring that magic (minus the crabs, sand in bad places, and the mess) to your desk with Smart Mass Kinetic Sand.

Smart Mass Kinetic Sand is a fantastic substance that's 98% sand and 2% magic something. It's non-toxic and can be molded and squished and shaped. And yet, it can also pour out of your hands or collapse into flowing sand if you just poke it right (or hurt its feelings). And get this: it really only sticks to itself, so cleaning up Smart Mass Kinetic Sand just means taking a big wad and rubbing it over all the bits. Smart Mass Kinetic Sand is just about the coolest thing you will ever play with. You want some; you need some; you're welcome!

Smart Mass Kinetic Sand

  • For Ages 6 and up.
  • It's like wet sand, only cooler. Mold it, shape it, squish it, love it.
  • 98% sand and 2% magic.
  • All the fun of building sandcastles, but without the risk of land sharks.
  • Leaves no residue on your hands and is super easy to clean up
  • Great for sensory therapy.
  • Perfect for kids and adults with allergies: it's wheat, gluten, and casein free, and 100% safe and non-toxic (but don't eat it, of course).
  • Never dries out and is stain free.
  • But just like gremlins, don't get your Kinetic Sand wet.
  • Net Wt.: 4 oz.
  • Tin Dimensions: approx. 3.25" diameter x 1.1" tall.

Smart Mass Kinetic Sand Video:

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