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Star Wars Vader Pencil Case and Sketchbook Set

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Sketch the dark side.

  • A whole sketchbook set all attached to Vader's squared torso!
  • Inside are pencils and erasers - and a sketchbook attaches to the back.
  • Just like real Vader - only artsier!

Star Wars Vader Pencil Case and Sketchbook Set

Snake Eyes isn't the only one who paints landscapes to relieve stress - Darth Vader does, too. He doesn't go straight to oils, however. Vader likes to get some quick sketches done first, which he uses as reference material when he decides to paint. And he doesn't just use any old sketch book. Vader uses his Star Wars Vader Pencil Case and Sketchbook Set!

He uses this set because the pencil case part looks like his torso (if his torso was mashed into a box shape). The sketchbook slide into rails on the bottom, so it all travels as one piece. Inside the box? Six pencils and two erasers. The pencils all have quotes on them, from someone who didn't really do their research. One is made up ("Luke, I am your father" was never said in the movie) and one seems to be from The Princess Bride ("As you wish."), but whatever. Show your geek skills and teach the world how much you really know, while making art with your Star Wars Vader Pencil Case and Sketchbook Set.

P.S. We know Boba Fett said, "As you wish," but we were just going for the joke. So there.

Star Wars Vader Pencil Case and Sketchbook Set

  • For Ages 6 and up.
  • A neato pencil case sketchbook thingie, that looks like Darth Vader's Torso.
  • Open Vader's chest to reveal a spot to store pens and pencils and junk.
  • The blank sketchbook slides into two holders on the back, so everything is easily portable together.
  • Includes: 6 pencils, 2 erasers, Vader pencil case (with molded details), and sketchbook.
  • Pencil Case Dimensions: approx. 6.3" x 8.25" x 1" (with book attached).

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