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Gunnar 3D Glasses

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Experience 3D how it was meant to be seen

  • Stylish 3D glasses that improve your viewing experience
  • For movie buffs and folks who have passive, polarized, 3D-enabled screens at home
  • Eliminate light pollution

The 3D glasses you pick up in the theater are already kinda nasty in terms of looks, but it's a darkened theater, and you're not there to see and be seen. You're there to watch a movie. However, we're about to make those cheap glasses a little more nasty: did you realize they've probably been worn by somebody else before you ripped the cellophane off?

If you drop them in a recycling bin after the movie, they get washed in an industrial dishwasher-type machine and repackaged. Bravo, not having them all land in a landfill, but still kinda gross. RealD alone says they clean more than 700k glasses a day. In a field where the creation of the end product could cost multimillions, our experience of it relies on a pair of used, shoddy glasses? That doesn't seem right.

Gunnar's 3D glasses give you another option. These high-end specs are wide enough to cover your field of vision, so you won't be distracted by light pollution. Plus, they're comfortable and far more stylish than your disposable pair. They work with movies filmed in RealD and passive, circular polarized monitors for an unsurpassed gaming and television experience. And nobody's worn this pair before you.

Pick one of two flavors:

  • Gliff: acetate frame, adjustable nose pads, 57mm lens width x 11mm nose x 122mm temple
  • Penta: aluminum/magnesium alloy frame, adjustable nose pads, 53mm lens width x 15mm nose x 140mm temple

Product Specifications

  • Stylish 3D glasses that improve your viewing experience
  • For movie buffs and folks who have passive, polarized, 3D-enabled screens at home
  • Onyx frames
  • Proprietary lens shape protects your eyes from drying air currents
  • Specifically-tuned focusing power improves detail for clearer vision
  • Lens geometry provides panoramic full field-of-view effects
  • Filters minimize crosstalk or ghosting to ensure pure 3D imagery
  • Protective lens coatings include anti-reflective properties to reduce glare
  • 40 lines of resolution per inch, the highest rating, in ANSI Z87.3 testing
  • Peak light transmission of over 42%
  • Compatible with RealD 3D-equipped theaters and most passive, circular polarized monitors (including 3D-enabled HDTVs)
  • Note: These will not fit over your current glasses. However, you can custom order them with your prescription lenses.

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