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Experimenting with Babies

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Get a clue

  • Fun projects for parent-child interaction
  • See how your child is progressing over time
  • 15% of author royalties go to Show HOPE charity

Haven't you always secretly wanted to experiment with your baby? No! We aren't talking about dying their hair a crazy color or seeing how loud they can wail. We mean real experiments that examine their cognitive, behavioral, social development, and more. It's okay. We won't tell Child Protective Services.

Experimenting with Babies is a great new book that lets you do just that. The book includes 50 science projects that you can perform on your baby allowing you to test your baby's ability to understand and interact with the world around them.

One example experiment is called Make Em Laugh. This experiment asks you to play with baby for 10 minutes trying to make them laugh or smile. It shows that speaking in "motherese" or laughing at yourself may elicit laughter at a younger age, but once your baby is 5 to 6 months old he or she will grow out of it. This experiment shows that even in just a few months your baby's sense of humor is developing and by that time it's already hipper than you.

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