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Firefly: Out to the Black Card Game

This product is no longer available

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Time for some thrilling heroics.

  • Work together in the awesome Firefly game.
  • Because teamwork is how a ship's crew stays shiny.
  • Face the Alliance, Reavers, and all other sorts of nastiness as you fight your way through the 'Verse.

 Firefly: Out to the Black Card Game

Life's rough out in the black; money don't come easy and makin' it doesn't often allow one to preserve their honor. It's important to keep both of course: can't eat without the coin, but a handsome reputation will get you pretty far too. Firefly: Out to the Black Card Game is a wild hootenanny of adventure and misbehavin' spread out across the blackness of the 'Verse.

In Firefly: Out to the Black Card Game you play as one of the 9 Serenity crew members and work together with your fellow players to face the various entanglements that come your way. You'll face the Alliance, Reavers, low-down dirty deceivers and all manner of nastiness as you scour for jobs, choose partners for your missions, and ultimately do your best to stay afloat and keep on flyin'! Firefly: Out to the Black Card Game - because life's gotta be exciting or it's not worth livin'!

Please Note: This isn't an expansion to Firefly: The Board Game. This is a whole new (and separate) shiny adventure!

Firefly: Out to the Black Card Game

  • For Ages 14 and up.
  • Work together (as all good crews do) to whip the 'Verse into shape (read: make money and not die).
  • For 3-5 players.
  • Average playing time: 45 mins.
  • Includes: 9 character sheets, 88 cards, over 4 dozen tokens, instructions, and more!

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