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S is for Star Wars Toddlers' Tees

This product is no longer available

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A week's worth of characters

Toddlers can be quite the characters. Pick which ones in particular you want them to be with this set of tees from Star Wars.

Every parent has high hopes for his or her child. What exactly are you hoping for in your little one, though? Maybe you can inspire the qualities you're looking for today by dressing them up in clothes with characters from Star Wars whom you want them to emulate:

  • Hoping for a toddler who's obedient, reliable, rugged, hard-working, and mathematically-precise? Useful in almost any situation? Learning both binary and the alphabet? That calls for R2-D2.
  • How about a little one who's gentle? Intelligent? Loyal? And, perhaps, unusually large and hairy? Okay, scratch that last part. But Chewie's definitely the one to choose when you want to inspire a go-with-the-flow, keep-your-thoughts-to-yourself, quiet type of attitude.
  • Maybe you have a young master Jedi on your hands. One who can manipulate others to do what he or she wants. Who can test your patience and frustrate you until ultimately revealing toddler reasoning. Hmm? Yoda, that is.
  • Bounty hunter material? Well, if you think about it, isn't your son or daughter a pretty perfect little clone of yourself? Maybe he or she doesn't have the whole "feared bounty hunter" thing quite down pat yet, but give it time and select Boba Fett.
  • And then there are those of you who already know you have a tiny Sith lord on your hands. This toddler rides the family dog. Turns his or her bib around and wears it as a cape. Looks good in black. Possibly has asthma. Yep. Darth Vader for that one.

This set of 5 toddler tees includes a blue "R is for R2-D2" desgn, a sandy yellow "W is for Wookiee" design, a heather grey "Y is for Yoda" design, a red "B is for Boba Fett" design, and a black "V is for Vader" design. All shirts are 100% cotton. Imported.

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