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Inside³ 3D Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes

This product is no longer available

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Find your way through the darkness.

  • Inside each cube are 7 levels - each their own labyrinth.
  • Solve them using just your intuition and heightened senses.
  • Five difficulty levels to chose from.

 Inside³ 3D Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes

What do you get when you combine the seven levels of Hell with a Borg Cube? How does it feel to manipulate space and time by rotating an object with the same dimension in each dimension in order to free a trapped silver sphere? You're about to find out when you face the challenge of the Inside³ 3D Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes.

There are five different Inside³ 3D Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes - each one more challenging than the last. Inside each cube are seven levels, each a labyrinth. You must turn the Inside³ 3D Labyrinth Puzzle Cube, blindly manipulating the ball through each level of maze to get it to come out the other side. The easier cubes have maps for each level and can be taken apart to get the marble back. The harder cubes are sealed and have nothing to help you. Close your eyes, project yourself into the cube, and concentrate. Only then will you be able to solve the Inside³ 3D Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes; only then will you earn the respect of your enemies.

Inside³ 3D Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes

  • Seven levels of a-mazing fun awaits you inside each cube. The only thing is: you can't see what you're doing.
  • Five levels of difficulty. The easier levels have maps and can be taken apart to retrieve the marble; the harder ones don't and can't (respectively).
  • Not for children: small parts (the ball) inside.
  • Difficulty Levels (from easiest to hardest): Regular 0 (easiest), Mean 0, Awful 0, Vicious 0, and Mortal 0 (hardest)
  • Dimensions: approx. 2.25" cubed.

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