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LumiVolt - Ultra Portable Charger With Built In Flashlight

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Juice your phone

  • The size of a whiteboard marker; weighs less than a deck of cards
  • Compatible out of the box with anything that charges via micro USB
  • Holds up to 2000 mAh

A geek's day is never done. There are long hours at work, including answering work emails via our smartphones while we're supposedly on our lunch hour. There are those websites we can't/shouldn't access at work that we visit on our phones instead. Once work is over, there's texting our significant other while stuck in rush hour traffic. After dinner, it's time for gaming or heading out to test out gadgets at the store before we buy them for a better price online. And sometimes, in the midst of all this, we forget that our smartphones don't have unlimited battery life.

This Ultra Portable USB Battery Charger for your favorite smartphone is about the size of a whiteboard marker and weighs less than a deck of playing cards, but it holds enough juice to bring your phone back to full. Slip it in your pocket or your laptop bag for an emergency charge you can count on. Out of the box, it's got everything it needs to recharge your smartphone that charges via micro USB. If your smartphone charges via something else and you have a USB to THAT cable, you can play, too. Then recharge your Ultra Portable USB Battery Charger by USB to your PC or plug into the wall so it's ready to go for your next battery emergency.

Product Specifications

  • Super-slim USB charger and battery backup that fits anywhere
  • Comes with USB to Micro USB cable for charging your micro USB device
  • Apple and devices that don't charge via micro USB, BYOC (Bring Your Own [whatever you've got --> micro USB] Cable)
  • Also has a tiny flashlight with white and blue light
  • Power: Holds up to 2000 mAh (enough for full one charge and a bit for most smartphones)
  • Batteries: Rechargeable (charges via micro USB)
  • Recharges in less than an hour
  • Dimensions: 1" square x 3 3/4" long, 24" USB to Micro USB charging cable
  • Weight: 2 1/2 oz.

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