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Pegit - Customizable Case For iPhone 5

Colorblock your iPhone

  • Minimalist, sleek, expressive iPhone styling by YOU
  • Choose from blue, red, or neutral
  • Fits iPhone 5 and 5S


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Colorblock your iPhone

On the theory that an iPhone case should be an accessory as well as a functional necessity for those of us who are clumsy, we've pondered having a stack of cases next to the door so we could pop on the one that we felt like that day. But 1) the our iPhone ends up with different functionality and feel each day, which is annoying and 2) it's really expensive to have a case that goes with each of our moods.

Enter Pegit, a customizable case for iPhone 5. With a rear pegboard panel and 6 tangram-style pieces, Pegit gives you the flexibility to redesign your iPhone case each morning before you leave the house. Rainy outside? Maybe all grey. Headed to the beach? Let us suggest lots of blues. You get to be a modern artist, expressing yourself with swatches of color quickly and easily.

Choose from three sets:

  • Blue: three blues, two greys, white
  • Red: three reds, three greys
  • Neutral: pistachio, three greys, two browns

Or buy multiple sets and go wild. Pistachio, azure, and cardinal? Why not? You're the artist. Express yourself with an ever-changing iPhone case.

Product Specifications

  • Minimalist, sleek, expressive iPhone styling by YOU
  • Fits iPhone 5 and 5S
  • Each set includes pegboard panel and 6 pieces
  • Choose from blue, red, or neutral
  • Materials: plastic
  • Dimensions: 2.4" wide x 4.9" high x .35" deep

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