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Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Make every gift an adventure!

  • Make a gift all the more memorable inside this password-locked device.
  • Five letter code can be customized over and over.
  • Slot in the bottom, so you can use it as a bank, too!

Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault

Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault

You know what's better than getting presents? Nothing! But sometimes giving, we have to admit, is kinda fun. The joy when you give that someone a big bag of fun-sized candy is undeniable. But even more enjoyable that giving a special present is giving it in a way that makes the giftee have to work for it - like the box within a box within a box sort of thing. Well forget about just patience, what if your intended need to know the password, too? And soon they will, when you give them their gift in a Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault.

The Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault is a very simple device. The gift goes in the clear bottle and without the five letter code, the vault will not open. And it's not a set word. The brilliance of the Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault is that it's very easy to customize your own code word. With 5 rows and 26 letters per row, that's about a billion zillion different combinations. And what's more, if you don't want to give your Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault away, you can always use it as a bank (there's a coin slot in the bottom). Now get your own Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault and do something wicked. Imagine a wedding proposal, where the ring is inside one of these! And the code could be "I DO DO!" Hahaha. Doo doo.

Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault

  • Use it as a bank or use it to hold a present - if you don't know the secret code, you'll never get the goodies.
  • Slot underneath for depositing money (so, therefore, not for use with liquid gifts).
  • Five letter code word can easily be set (and reset, so you can use it over and over) to your favorite five letters.
  • Letter code device works just like the thing in that movie with Tom Hanks and his funny hair.
  • Made of space-age plastic.
  • Bottle accepts items that will fit though a 2.75" diameter opening and up to 7.75" in length.
  • Dimensions: approx. 4.5" diameter x 8.5" tall

Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault Video:

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