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Elven Ear Clips

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

What manner of Elf are you?

  • Pointy ears like Elves or Vulcans
  • Choose from Future Elf, Forest Elf, or High Elf
  • Clip over your ear - doesn't require pierced ears

Oh no! Okay, so we sourced these bits of shiny from a 3rd party vendor, and, well, we hear you loud and clear! We've contacted the vendor to find out what's up. Some of the monkeys here also had a really nice conversation with an Etsy shop owner, and we've hit upon a solution that works for everyone. Thanks for pointing this one out, guys!

The choosing of race is one of the tough ones in fantasy role-playing games. You hate to be human, because it just seems so dull, but you've got real-world experience you can bring to that. Method acting, as it were. Then again, the reason you're playing is to experience something different, so maybe you should go wild. For us, it usually ends up being a choice between which one gets the best racial bonuses for the type of character we want to play and which one looks the coolest (best equipment, best dance moves, etc.). We'll be honest. Maybe a little more of the latter than the former.

These Elven Ear Clips are like an InstaElf kit for humans. (Or InstaVulcan if you prefer.) And although these have the words "ear" and "clip" in their name, they're nothing like clip-on earrings, which can be incredibly painful. These slide over the tops of your ear to use gravity for the assist and hook underneath the lobe for a snug fit. The wire's flexible, so you get to create a custom fit for your own ears, adjusting them so they're just right.

Quick instructions: Each ear clip has two parts - a front and a back. The front has the decoration and a whole bunch of wrapped wire that leads down to a piece of wire shaped like the top of a bobby pin. The back is a single piece of wire that has a scroll at the bottom. The front sits entirely on the outside of your ear; the back wire goes behind your ear, except for the scroll at the bottom. That curves around under your lobe and hooks back in the front for additional support. In addition to adjusting the space between the front and back wires, you may find that you need to scroll more or less of the wire to fit your ear properly. These are flexible enough to provide you your own custom fit.

Product Specifications

  • Pair of wire clips that secure over your ears to give you pointy tips like an Elf or a Vulcan
  • Choose from Future Elf (plain linear design), Forest Elf (linear design with green beads), or High Elf (swirly design with "pearl" beads)
  • A quick and elegant costuming solution that doesn't involve spirit gum
  • Functions like a paperclip - doesn't require pierced ears
  • Can be worn with earrings
  • Materials: base metal with rhodium plating
  • Dimensions: 3 1/2" tall x 2" wide
  • Weight: .5 oz./pair

For our customers with nickel allergies: the wire in these is base metal plated with rhodium.

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