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I see the assassins have failed.

This product is no longer available

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ThinkGeek Bounty Program

This product was a winner of the ThinkGeek Bounty Program, which means the design was an original submission by one of you. Unfortunately this program doesn't exist anymore, but to all who participated in the past, we're forever grateful for your brains.

So long and thanks for all the ideas!

Disappointing. Going to have to hire better ones.

What do you mean, "How do I know?" You're here reading my shirt, aren't you? Out loud, no less, as if to assist in the intense mental processing required.

We get a lot of suggestions through the Bounty Program. A handful of us pore over several hundred of them each month (including the half a dozen each month that suggest something about "this new, awesome thing called The Game" and the dozen that propose shirts we've sold for the past decade) and then we get together to compare our favorites. Frequently two of us will have the same one jotted down. Occasionally more than two of us will have selected the same one. Very rarely does a single bounty suggestion show up on everyone's list in the room. This one did. It was basically the closest thing we've ever had to an insta-shirt.

The sentence "I see the assassins have failed." in white ink on a black, 100% cotton shirt.

*This product is imported.

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