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The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia

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Inhabitants, Lore, Spells, and Ancient Crypt Warnings.

  • Complied by the Lord of Evil himself: Hunson Abadeer.
  • Annotated by Jake, Finn, and Marceline.
  • The greatest, most dangerous book of all time ever forever and ever.

When you venture into a land for the first time, a guidebook is always handy. You know, so you don't wander into any dangerous places (like the Bottomless Bottom of the Tree Witch). And lo, written by one of the most evil inhabitants of Ooo comes The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia! Here are some things you'll find inside:

  • Annotated map of Ooo.
  • A brief glossary of the many Princesses of Ooo.
  • BMO's instruction manual.
  • "Hand drawn" trading cards by the Ice King of his very own fanfic, "The Adventures of Fionna and Cake."
  • "Princess Bubblegum's Official Travel Guide to the Candy Kingdom and Beyond!"
  • Full lyrics to Marceline's "Daddy Why Did You Eat My Fries?"
  • Selected excerpts from The Enchiridion (because you can't handle the whole thing . . . yet).
  • And algebraic lumploads more!

Written and compiled by the Lord of Evil himself (Hunson Abadeer - aka. Marceline's dad), The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia matches the playful, subversive tone of the series, detailing everything anyone will ever need to know about the post-apocalyptic land of Ooo and its inhabitants. Secret lore and spells, fun places you should visit, places where you will probably die, whom to marry and whom not to marry, how to make friends and how to destroy your enemies all await you inside. Plus, hand-written marginalia by Finn, Jake, and Marceline make this book an indispensable companion to the show. The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia is the first official guide to this hit animated series. Mathematical!

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