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T-Rex Tearing

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

From the folks who brought you Three Wolf Moon

Sometimes you just gotta eat other people. This is the perfect shirt for that occasion. Twit cuts in line at the Starbucks? *munch* Meeting dragging on way too long? *nomf* But remember before you do too much threatening, those aren't actual teeth.

Are you a T. rex? Are you worthy of the awesome that is this t-shirt? Let's review. The Tyrannosaurus rex represents:

  • Intimidating physical strength. An average-sized T. rex could lift a gift basket filled with three average-sized Deinonychus antirrhopus. Just in case you need to know what to get it for its birthday.
  • A take-no prisoners approach. The tyrannosaur's u-shaped jaw (as opposed to the v-shape of many predators) tells us it tore big chunks off its prey. Omnomnom.
  • Keen senses. Despite what Steven Spielberg may say, T. rex's binocular vision means he hardly ever failed his spot check. And his sense of smell was the keenest amongst dinosaurs tested, including three different Dromaeosauridae. ("What does this smell like to you?" *scientist holds vial up to dino snout* T. rex: "Hmm. Sauropod with a light bouquet of conifer.")
  • Willingness to embrace technology. Lots of bones exist for T. rex, but only a single track has been verified. And we think you know what that means. Dinosaurs on hoverboards.

A huge T. rex uses his mouth (not his arms -- that would just be silly) to tear through the front of this black, 100% cotton shirt.

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