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Frustr8tor Pocket Brain Teaser

This product is no longer available

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Are those 8 queens in your pocket . . . ?

  • The classic 8 queens puzzle with a twist.
  • Solve it regularly, then add stumpers to make it even harder.
  • No separate parts make this a puzzle to carry with you everywhere!

Frustr8tor Pocket Brain Teaser

Forget about 12 angry men, the thing to be worried about is 8 angry women! 8 queens, that is. It's a chess puzzle dating back to 1848 - the 8 queens puzzle. Eight queens must be arranged on a chess board, but they can't kill each other. That means, no queens can share the same horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines. And now you can take this classic brain stumper with you wherever you go with the Frustr8tor Pocket Brain Teaser.

The innovative thing about the Frustr8tor Pocket Brain Teaser is there are no loose parts. Just slide the markers into place and that's that. But there's not just one easy solution, of course. Because slide in some red markers to make the whole thing more complicated (they take the place of a queen, but force that spot to be used). The 8 queens puzzle is used by programmers, too, as a great training tool for logic programming and other fancy things. Frustr8tor Pocket Brain Teaser - ready to smack your brain around at a moment's notice.

Frustr8tor Pocket Brain Teaser

  • The classic 8 queens puzzle in an easy to carry format.
  • Perfect for little brain challenges throughout the day - and no little pieces mean nothing to lose!
  • A fantastic travel game.
  • Endorsed by Hans Bohm - International Chess Master.
  • Dimensions: approx. 4.25" x 4.25" x 0.5"

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