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Apocalypse Snow Globe

Invented at ThinkGeek

This product is no longer available

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The weather outside is frightful

  • Apocalypse snow globe features destroyed cityscape
  • Polyresin and glass
  • A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive!

At one time, the city in this snowglobe was bustling with tiny people. The elevators in its skyscrapers were always moving. It was mixed zoning, so some came to it to work and some came to it to live. Restaurants. Taxi cabs. You could see lights winking on and off in the buildings, even late at night, as residents went to sleep and janitors finished the next floor. There were tiny cars honking at each other. Today you can't even see the roads.

How did it come to this? We don't know exactly how it started. But we know about the bacteria. You see, there were colonies of bacteria in the water, and they ate away at the buildings. Not slowly like a latent disease, but quickly. They were overrun, corners crumbling, edifices crashing to the street. The businesses closed shop. An emergency was declared. The residents went to stay with friends or family, thinking they could come back later to get their things. But it was already too late. The only way to kill the bacteria was to irradiate the city. So now there's perpetually a mini-nuclear winter over it, clouding the sky and blocking out the light. In 500 years people will find this place and wonder what happened. But for now, you are its keeper. Hold it in your memory. Place it on your desk. Even though everything it once was has been destroyed, keep it safe.

Product Specifications

  • Apocalypse snow globe features destroyed cityscape
  • Chunks of grey and black substitute for white and sparkly snow
  • A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive!
  • Materials: Polyresin and glass
  • Dimensions: 4 1/2" tall x 3" wide
  • Weight: 5 oz.

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