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The Internet - The IT Crowd

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Well, if it's okay with the Hawk...

The Internet. You'd think it'd be bigger.

Officially-licensed IT Crowd apparel!

Moss: This, Jen, is the Internet.
Jen: What?
Moss: That's right.
Jen: This is the Internet? [Moss nods.] The whole Internet?
Moss: Yep. I asked for a loan of it, so that you could use it in your speech.
Jen: It's so small!
Moss: That's one of the surprising things about it.
Jen: Hang on, it doesn't have any wires or anything...
Moss: [rolling his eyes] It's wireless!
- "The Speech"

This is probably our favorite episode from The IT Crowd. Okay, no. It is our favorite. When we wanted to introduce The IT Crowd to unfamiliar ThinkGeek staffers as an extension of Operation Guillaume, "The Speech" was one of the episodes we used. Heck, we've made a cake version of The Internet for the birthday of one of our merchants. The episode is such a perfect demonstration of the frustrations IT folks have to go through. Someone in management who doesn't know what's going on gets rewarded. And then when that manager proves he or she doesn't know what's going on, management that's even more clueless applauds. What can we say? Story of our lives. If you need us, we'll be over here sulking on top of Big Ben where we get the best signal.

The Internet on a black, 100% cotton shirt.

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