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Hobbit Gandalf Pipe Prop Replica

This product is no longer available

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A very fine morning for a pipe of tobacco

  • Fully functional prop replica as seen in The Hobbit
  • Choose Gandalf or Bilbo's pipe
  • Both measure approximately 9" long

Gandalf is an eccentric leader, although perhaps not so eccentric as he could be, considering that he's a wizard. But his tall stature, tall hat, and long cloak make him stand out among the Hobbits he calls friends. Fortunately, though halflings may not understand magic, dragons, quests or magic rings, they do understand pipe-weed, and thus they get along famously with the grey wizard.

Choose if you'd rather puff as a wizard or a halfling with these fully-functioning prop replicas from The Hobbit films. Or get both and be a halfling wizard. Both are approximately 9" long and made from wood. You provide your own Longbottom Leaf. Not guaranteed to allow you to turn a smoke ring into a smoke-ship.

Product Specifications

  • Fully-functioning, prop-replica pipes from The Hobbit films
  • Officially-licensed The Hobbit merchandise
  • Choose the pipe of Gandalf or Bilbo
  • Bilbo's is adorned with a carved oak leaf on either side of the bowl
  • Materials: Both are wood; Gandalf's is teak, specifically
  • Dimensions: 9" long
  • Ages 18+

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