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Chocolate Zombie Fingers

This product is no longer available

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The Zombies are giving you the finger.

  • Four zombie fingers await your digestion.
  • Yummy chocolate with gushing candy inside (for bloody effect).
  • Each finger's wounds are unique!

Chocolate Zombie Fingers

Zombies like eating our brains. We accept that. We don't like it (because we like our brains right where they are, thank you very much), but we accept it. Well, it's time we turned the tables a bit. Because you know what? Those fingers they keep trying to grasp us with? They sure are tasty. Ok, so we really don't recommend putting dead people in your mouth, but we DO recommend putting these facsimiles there: Chocolate Zombie Fingers.

Chocolate Zombie Fingers come as a four pack on a meat tray. (For those of you who ask, 'Why not five?' - it's because your hand has four fingers and a thumb. So there.) They are green chocolate and have a few gushy fruit candies inside. Since they are hand-made (and the gushy candies are a little big for the mold), the end result is fingers with random "wounds" on them. And the candies have a little juice, so they just might bleed a little when bitten. Great for snacks, holiday parties, and freaking out friends and/or coworkers. Chocolate Zombie Fingers - time to bite back!

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Chocolate Zombie Fingers

  • Four pack of fingers for you to eat.
  • Green chocolate with gushing fruity bits inside (aka: the wounds).
  • All packaged on a meat tray.
  • Hand-made, so the wounds vary finger to finger.
  • Dimensions: each finger is approx. 3" long x 0.75" wide (widest part).

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