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Japanese Multi-Notebook

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Like a bunch of notebooks all smashed into one.

  • One notebook to rule them all.
  • Six types of notebooks all smashed into one.
  • Why? Because it's neato.

So there we were, plotting and planning our next round of awesome for you. It was a nice day, so our various notebooks, notepads, sticky notes, graph paper, and note cards were all spread out on the grass. Having finally finished, we stacked up our paper products and were about to go inside. When lo, from the sky a sperm whale did drop. It landed right on our notebook stack. There was a lot of confusion and days of clean up, but there was one good thing that happened. All the notebooks had been compressed and fused into one. Not really. But if that had happened, we're pretty sure we'd have had something similar to this Japanese Multi-Notebook.

The Japanese Multi-Notebook is, actually, straight from Japan. It's like six notebooks of differing paper types and sizes were stacked on top of each other and then pressed into one. Each page has 6 distinct types of writing areas, and they differ from front to back - exactly as if you were looking at two sides of a pile. It's really pretty neato and great to take notes in because you'll have all sorts of spots for just the right type of note. The Japanese Multi-Notebook is fun, crazy, and a novel way to organize your thoughts or doodles.

Japanese Multi-Notebook

  • Six types of notebooks, all pressed into one.
  • Each page is a mélange of different paper styles: blank, lined, graph, etc.
  • Great for "taking notes" in meetings, as it has so many different sections to doodle on.
  • Each spiral-bound notebook has 30 sheets (60 pages) of ready-to-hold-your-words-and-doodles action!
  • Imported from Japan (just for you).
  • Dimensions: approx. 7.2" x 10.2" x 0.2"

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