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Tetris Candy

This product is no longer available

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  • T-polyomino filled with delicious (and tiny) tetrimino candies.
  • Four different tetrimino minty-candies (you'll have to DIY the square).
  • Tastes like really sugary mint!

 Tetris Candy

Tetris is a very nifty metaphor for life. One goes around trying to put things in their proper place, and it's mostly going well. But then that I piece (or straight piece, to some) refuses to show up and everything pile faster and faster and the music speeds up and that I piece still isn't coming and a big mound forms in the center and nothing is working and . . . and then the sound like a frog being stepped on and game over. Yeah, life's just like that. So, why not enjoy some candy on the way? Tetris Candy, to be precise.

Each tin of Tetris Candy is a purple T. It's metal, stackable, and totally reusable. Inside each T is about 96 tiny, minty, sweet candies. You get little I, L, Z, and T's. With a little licking (to get the ridges off), you could also have S and Js. Some careful nibbling and you'll get an O (square). Then you can play a fully edible game of Tetris. Tetris Candy - because playing with your food is fun.

For nutrition information, click here.

Tetris Candy

  • Tiny little tetrimino candies inside a purple T-polyomino.
  • Mini, minty I, L, Z, and Ts.
  • Lick them down a little and you can make your own S and Js; creatively nibble to make your own Os.
  • All come in a reusable, stackable, metal T!
  • Approx. 96 candies per tin.
  • Dimensions:
    • Tin: 3"x 2" x 1"
    • Candy: (I candy for reference) 12mm x 4mm x 4mm

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