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Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie

Invented at ThinkGeek

This product is no longer available

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An Epic Wondrous Item

  • A garment of great magical powers
  • Cast 9 different spells with lights and sound
  • Can you master the somatic components to be a real wizard?

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Wild Mage. Wizard. Sorcerer. Illusionist. Enchanter. Invoker. Necromancer. There are so many words to describe people who wield magical powers. We have one word: badass. Let's look at your average adventuring party: The fighter swings her greatsword, cleaving through two orcs. Sweet. The rogue pops out of the shadows, backstabbing the hobgoblin. Nice! The ranger fires an arrow through the throat of The Bandit King, right in the middle of his monologue. Love it. The cleric is adept with both a mace and a bandage. Phew! But the wizard sets entire battlefields on fire before lunch.

The Technomancer isn't for everyone. You'll need to spend some time mastering the various spell effects. Each spell requires different motions. The way you wear the garment and how precise your movements are will greatly affect your results. Don't expect to become a master wizard the second you open the box. Time and patience will be your guide to unlocking the power of the Technomancer. Impatient sorcerer's apprentices should not apply.

You have the Will to be a spellcaster in real life, and ThinkGeek is here like a wizened oracle to deliver you the way. Introducing the Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie. Donning this unique garment will transform you into a powerful mage ready to blast off spells at a moment's notice. The sleeves of the Technomancer contain accelerometers which sense the movements of your hands. Move them in one of the pre-programmed spell sequences and the sleeves of the hoodie light from within, the internal speaker booms, and the hood illuminates your face in an eerie glow.

Of course, a seasoned wizard has a variety of spells in his or her repertoire. The Technomancer Hoodie offers nine different spells including fireball, restore health, and thunderbolt. Each spell is accompanied by unique light and sound effects powered by the embedded speaker and over two dozen bright multicolored LEDs. Of course, you'll have to train daily to learn the right sequence of movements to cast each spell (or use the handy-dandy included quick start spell chart).

Product Specifications

  • Hoodie for spellcasters
  • A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive!
  • Light and sound effects powered by a speaker box and 32 bright multicolored LEDs
  • Learn how to perform nine spells:
    • Electroshock
    • Thunderbolt
    • Restore Health
    • Fireball
    • Shockwave
    • Energy Beam
    • Raise the Dead
    • Warp
    • Water Bending
    • (plus bonus Color Caster and Restore Mana, the reset position)
  • Lining and outer material are both 100% cotton
  • Batteries: 6 AA (not included)
  • Care instructions: Machine washable. Must remove all electronic parts before washing.
  • Includes: Hoodie, speaker box, 2 arm lighting assemblies, hood lighting assembly, wiring harness, sensor board, instruction manual, and quick start spell chart

Note: Please reference the table below to choose your size.

Chest42 in.46 in.49 in.53 in.55 in.
(from where hood meets shoulder)
28 1/2 in.29 1/2 in.30 1/2 in.31 1/2 in.32 1/2 in.
Sleeve Length
(from shoulder seam)
23 1/2 in.24 1/2 in.25 1/2 in.26 1/2 in.27 1/2 in.

Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie Videos:

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