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Borderlands Masks

This product is no longer available

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Deploy finger guns in 3... 2... 1...

  • Butt stallion says hello
  • Choose to be a Psycho bandit or Handsome Jack
  • Officially-licensed Borderlands costumes

The wastelands of Pandora are home to some of the fiercest creatures and most self-absorbed bad guys known to console gaming. Whether you come face to face with one of hundreds of Psychos or chuckle at a Handsome Jack's dialogue, Borderlands houses a compelling world of humor and violence.

Enter two latex masks to allow you to recreate the Borderlands 2 experience at your Halloween event or, you know, just because it's Tuesday. Choose to be a Psycho bandit or Handsome Jack. Both have hand painted details that mimic the cel-shaded look of the Borderlands universe.

Measuring these is really hard because they're both shaped to give the look of the character in the game, but we gave it a go. (See dimensions below.) Especially for Handsome Jack to imitate the look in the game, we'd recommend using spirit gum to affix the mask to your face in a few places to make it move with your facial expressions. Just make sure before you affix it that there's spirit gum remover handy. Lesson learned there.

Product Specifications

  • Masks for two of the most iconic Borderlands characters
  • Choose to be a Psycho bandit or Handsome Jack
  • Officially-licensed Borderlands 2 costume pieces
  • Materials: Latex
  • Dimensions: Unstretched elastic on the back of both is 12". The Psycho bandit also has elastic over the top of the head. Following the curve of the mask, the distance from the top of the mask to where the chin curves is 10" on Psycho bandit, 8 1/4" on Handsome Jack. From the base of the septum to the chin curve is 4" on Handsome Jack. From the black line on the mask at the top of the nose (ethmoid bone) to the curve on the chin on the Psycho bandit is 5 1/2".
  • Tip: Use spirit gum to get more facial expression out of the mask and customize it better to your face.
  • Tip: Wear sunglasses or goggles under the Psycho bandit to get a more in-game look.

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