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Game of Thrones 3D Map of Westeros Puzzle

This product is no longer available

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Come, Westerosi, and look upon your lands.

  • A 3D, multi-layered puzzle map of Westeros.
  • Over 1200 pieces in total assemble to make this awesome map.
  • Assemble the puzzle, then plan your vacation!

Westeros is a daunting place, yet full of majestical majesties. Let's see: there's the Wall, the famous cities and castles (Kings Landing, Winterfell, etc.), the Twins Wedding Chapel (wearing white isn't customary here), Hodor Burger, and many more. Well, the time has come for you to bring a massive dose of Westeros into your life with this unbelievably awesome Game of Thrones 3D Map of Westeros Puzzle.

Seriously, the Game of Thrones 3D Map of Westeros Puzzle is the most amazing puzzle we've ever seen. First, you build a 1000+ piece puzzle which is the land of Westeros. THEN, you build another 200+ piece puzzle ON TOP of the bigger one with even more detail (artistically representing the landscape based on the intro to HBO's Game of Thrones series). And finally, you add a third layer of 3D miniature replicas of cities and castles plus flags and battle markers. The Game of Thrones 3D Map of Westeros Puzzle - will you be able to finish yours before Georgie finishes writing the series? Zing!

Game of Thrones 3D Map of Westeros Puzzle

  • For Ages 13 and up.
  • Build your own multi-dimensional, multi-layered map of Westeros.
  • Westeros - that happy land based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin and the TV show Game of Thrones by HBO (also based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin).
  • Three Level Breakdown:
    • First Layer: 1000+ pieces that will teach you all about the various locations and regions of Westeros.
    • Second Layer: An artistic 200+ pieces jigsaw puzzle that replicates the current landscape based on the famous introduction of the television series.
    • Third Layer: Adds the 3D miniature replicas that you insert into the puzzle, which include famous cities and castles such as Kings Landing, Winterfell, Eyrie, the Wall, and more!
  • Includes: All the pieces to build the above layers (including over 45 flags to mark famous landmarks, 10 sigils to mark the Houses, and 5 battle markers to learn the locations of five major battles) and an information booklet that teaches you everything you need to know about Westeros.
  • Assembled Dimensions: approx. 30" x 18" x 2"

Game of Thrones 3D Map of Westeros Puzzle Video:

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