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The Hobbit Scrabble

This product is no longer available

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Spell and Back Again.

  • The classic game of Scrabble with a beautiful Hobbit infusion.
  • Adventure Cards help shake up the game play.
  • The letter O is the One Ring!

Hobbits. If you were playing Scrabble and you played your letters right, that would could be worth over 175 points (ignore the "no proper noun" rule - sheesh). But why stop there? Why stop with just spelling out Hobbity words with Scrabble tiles. Why not rip a game board straight out of the Shire and play with all your diminutive friends and one tall wizard? That's what you'd do for sure if you had a copy of The Hobbit Scrabble.

The Hobbit Scrabble plays just like the wordsmithing game you know and love. The board, tiles, letter bag have been given a very Hobbity makeover, though. AND (and this is the key difference) a deck of Adventure Cards has been added which rocks gameplay in ways we're not even fit to describe. It would take a polyglot, multi-initial-named, baboon-spider-snack, author-extraordinaire to describe how much fun The Hobbit Scrabble is. There's only one of them we can think of . . . and he's d-e-a-d (6 points).

The Hobbit Scrabble

  • For Ages 8 and up.
  • The classic spelling game, crammed with Hobbity goodness.
  • Custom game board with Hobbit style all over it.
  • Custom wood letter tiles (ex. the letter O is the One Ring).
  • Includes: Game Board, Wood Letter Tiles, 4 Wood Letter Supports, Adventure Card pack, Hobbit-themed Tile Pouch, and instructions.
  • Game Board Dimensions: Scrabble-sized!

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