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Big Bang Theory Clue

This product is no longer available

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Sheldon has been Betrayed!

  • Who messed with Sheldon's stuff?
  • Where did they do it and what did they do?
  • Figure it all out and win the game.

Someone has meddled with one of Sheldon's sacred belongings and he isn't taking it lightly. He's sequestered 6 of his so-called "friends" and created a white board to analyze who did it, what heinous deed was done, and where the act of vengeance took place. Did Penny dog-ear the comic-book in the laundry room? Or did Howard dismantle the Shelbot in the stairwell? Assume the identity of one of Sheldon's friends and/or suspects and try to figure out what really happened in Big Bang Theory Clue.

Big Bang Theory Clue is a blast. You roam the board as one of Sheldon's suspects, trying to prove your innocence by proving someone else's guilt! Travel around the board through familiar locations (like Sheldon and Leonard's living room, Penny's living room, the stairwell, the laundry room, and more) and fondle the custom "act of betrayal" tokens. Think you got what it takes to help Sheldon riddle it all out and put someone on his all-time enemy list? Then get yourself Big Bang Theory Clue and prove it!

Big Bang Theory Clue

  • For Ages 8 and up.
  • Figure out who messed with Sheldon's stuff, what exactly they defiled, and where the evil deed went down.
  • The classic game of Clue gets all Big Bang Theory-ed.
  • For 2-6 Players.
  • Includes: Game board, 6 character movers, six custom tokens (Defiled Toothbrush, Wiped Hard Drive, Dismantled Shelbot, Stained Cusion, Dog-eared Comic, and Erased Equation Board), and instructions.
  • Game Board Dimensions: Clue sized.

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