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Sonic Screwdriver Draft Excluder

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Now, THAT'S a sonic!

  • A giant sonic screwdriver to shove under your door
  • It prevents drafts from coming under said door
  • Doesn't work against the Vashta Nerada, alas

Once upon a time, the Doctor found himself hiding in a ship with an Infinite Improbability Drive. As it was activated and the Doctor passed through every point of every universe, his sonic screwdriver fell out of his pocket. It landed in a strange universe where everything was plush and soft. And so, it became plush and soft as well. When the Doctor achieves normality again, he is sad for his loss. But the TARDIS doesn't like when her things get out of place and somehow returns the sonic to the Doctor. Only now it is plush and soft and almost three feet long. So, he does the only thing he can think of: he begins using it as a draft excluder.

And now you can have a Sonic Screwdriver Draft Excluder of your very own. It IS soft and it IS plush and it IS almost three feet long. Place it against the crack in the bottom of your door (not the one in your wall), and it will keep the cold air at bay. And the great thing about the Sonic Screwdriver Draft Excluder is it might be the very first sonic screwdriver to actually work on wooden doors! Thanks, strange other universe!

Product Specifications

  • It's a big, soft, sonic screwdriver to shove under your doors (and keep out the drafts)
  • Officially-licensed Doctor Who draft excluder
  • Care Instructions: Spot clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent.
  • Imported.
  • Dimensions: approx. 7.5" (at widest diameter) x 35" long

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