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Gearcube Geared Puzzle Cube

This product is no longer available

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Geared up to tease your brains.

  • A puzzle cube enhanced with the gear-i-ness of gears.
  • Turn and watch the gears rotate and the colors get all messed up.
  • Takes 12 moves to get one full rotation.

Gearcube Geared Puzzle Cube

Gears are like circles that help each other. Think about it - they reach out, embrace, and share their energy. Where are we going with this? We dunno. But we DO know that we love gears. We also love puzzle cubes. So, we took puzzle cubes and gears; said, "Now kiss!" and then we had the Gearcube Geared Puzzle Cube.

It really is fun when you get a Gearcube Geared Puzzle Cube in your hands. Not only can you see the gears turn (twelve 90° turns to make one full rotation), but you can hear them. It's like the sound of an ancient booby trap Indiana Jones would stumble upon. Gearcube Geared Puzzle Cube - one twist and you'll be in love. Nope, no Lament Configuration here!

Gearcube Geared Puzzle Cube

  • A puzzle cube enhanced with the power of gears.
  • Uses a gear mechanism that requires twelve 90° turns to complete one rotation.
  • Invented by Uwe Meffert.
  • Dimensions: approx. 2.3" cubed.

Gearcube Geared Puzzle Cube Video:

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