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Bravest Warriors Collectible Pins

This product is no longer available

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Too, much, emotional-pain...

  • 6 different pins from Bravest Warriors
  • All your favorite characters are here
  • 1" diameter with glossy, colorful prints

Now that season one of Bravest Warriors has come to an end, we're left with nothing but fond memories and empty holes in our feels. Sure, a second season is on its way, but what do we do until then? How do we warp through the universe saving adorable aliens and their worlds when our gas-powered stick is out of gas? How? We don't.

As our time machines fail over and over, it seems we have no other options but to sit and wait. We've exhausted the locally grown butter lettuce farms, mastered our emotional powers, and re-watched every episode. The last frontier to conquer as hardcore fans is to decorate our heaving bosoms and over-filled backpacks with the Bravest Warriors Pins. Let the world know that you're 9000% sexier and thoroughly enjoy pulling a classic Wankershim. Just don't let anyone see you sobbing softly alone, in your closet, with the lights off while you wait for the days to pass.

Product Specifications:

  • 6 different pins from Bravest Warriors
  • All your favorite characters are here
  • Glossy, colorful prints
  • Officially licensed Bravest Warriors collectibles
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 1" diameter

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