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Mega Stomp Battle - Audio Reality Effects

Invented at ThinkGeek

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Fierce personal sound effects

  • Personal sound effects with an edge
  • 10 sound banks in all (see below)
  • A ThinkGeek creation!

Mega Stomp Panic is a lot of fun, but when you're playing a giant robot or knight in your spare time it's missing one thing to accentuate your awesomeness: offensive sounds. No we don't mean noises like farting and burping (ed note: that's an entirely different product forthcoming from GeekLabs). Offensive sounds like the clangor of battle! The chaos of combat!

With the Mega Stomp Panic, your friends (or enemies) can hear you approach and get understandably nervous, but when you arrive, they're like, "Neat. It's you with a box." It's a great audio costume, but it's not likely to intimidate anyone. For that you need the Mega Stomp Battle. Your friends hear you arrive in your audio disguise and then you top it off by thrusting the wand at them. Out comes a resounding blast of sound, themed to whichever sound bank you've chosen. It's rather epic.

How do I use it?
Using the Mega Stomp Battle is simple.

  • Clip the main box to your waistband and ensure it is securely attached.
  • Grip the wand in whichever hand feels comfortable.
  • Turn on the main box. Allow it to calibrate for 2 seconds.
  • Turn on the wand.
  • Select one of the ten sound banks.
  • Start walking to trigger walking sound effects.
  • Press the trigger or thrust the wand to trigger fighting sound effects.
  • Wait for applause. If applause is not forthcoming, repeat previous three steps until applause occurs.

Each sound bank has at least 6 sounds: an intro noise for when you switch to it, ambient noise, 2 walking sounds, and 2 wand-activated sounds. See below for specifics.

Note: To preserve battery life, the Mega Stomp Battle will automatically power down after approximately 2 minutes without motion. The unit can be turned on again by turning the selector knob.

Product Specifications

  • Walking-activated sound effects with an added punch activated by wand
  • Invented, designed, and manufactured by ThinkGeek
  • Step to trigger basic walking sound effects
  • Thrust the wand (or press the trigger button) to activate fighting sound effects
  • Turn the knob to select your audio effect
  • Sound banks included:
    • Metal Man (8 sounds, inc. ka-chunk, high-powered blaster)
    • Video Game Hero (6 sounds, inc. video game walk, coin collecting)
    • Kung Fu (14 sounds, inc. socked-feet on wood, classic hand-to-hand combat)
    • Modern Battlefield (13 sounds, inc. boots on gravel, gunfire)
    • Giant Robot Smash (6 sounds, inc. robot walking, crushing things)
    • Giant Monster (8 sounds, inc. city-squishing monster walk, roaring)
    • Space Battle (12 sounds, inc. hydraulic walk, pew pew!)
    • Mage (12 sounds, inc. footsteps echoing, magic missile)
    • Zombie Attack (7 sounds, inc. squishy walk, munch)
    • Sword Fight (12 sounds, inc. walking in plate armor, swords clanging)
  • Batteries: 6 AAA (not included)
  • Ages 14+

Mega Stomp Battle - Audio Reality Effects Videos:

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