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Jacked Up Caffeinated Baking Sugar

This product is no longer available

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Kick your baking up to 11.

  • It's caffeinated sugar to boost the power of your baked goods.
  • Use as a partial sugar replacement to pump up any recipe.
  • Caffeinate your own dang cookies.

Baking cookies and brownies and cakes is so much fun. And then eating your creations is so much MORE fun. The only thing is, sometimes after all that work (especially if you're baking for a function and need to bake multiple batches of something), one gets very tired. Well, it's time for that one to wake the smack up with Jacked Up Caffeinated Baking Sugar.

It's super easy to make the most of Jacked Up Caffeinated Baking Sugar. Just use it in place of up to 1 cup of the boring sugar your recipe calls for (not more than 1 Tbsp per serving). Boom. That's it. Whatever you are cooking is now loaded with caffeine. Commonplace cookies are now . . . caffeinated cookies of power! Boring brownies are now . . . caffeinated brownies of energy! Mundane meatloaf is now . . . dinner (but you eat some caffeinated cake afterwards, so it's still good). Get some Jacked Up Caffeinated Baking Sugar now and kick your baked goods in their proverbial pants.

Please Note: For best results (plus flavor and health reasons), use no more than 1 cup of Jacked Up Sugar per 16-24 servings in a recipe (not more than 1 Tbsp per serving), supplementing with regular sugar if necessary.

For nutrition information, click here.

Jacked Up Caffeinated Baking Sugar

  • Replace a portion of the sugar your recipe calls for with Jacked Up Sugar and your baked goods will be caffeinated!
  • Caffeine Content:
    • 1 tsp = 46 mg
    • 1 Tbsp = 137 mg
    • 1 cup = 2200 mg
  • Net Wt.: 40 oz

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