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Houdini Puzzle Lock

This product is no longer available

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Can you unlock these locks?

  • These locks will only open if you know the trick.
  • Chose from two styles: Dead Lock and Lock & Key.
  • Two keys included with each lock.

 Houdini Puzzle Lock

Harry Houdini liked many things. He liked debunking spiritualists. He liked his momma. He liked long walks on the beach followed by pancakes. And he really liked being tied up with ropes and chains and locks and stuff - well, he really liked ESCAPING from being tied up with ropes and changes and locks and stuff. And to celebrate this escaping, we offer you two wicked Houdini Puzzle Locks.

Two styles to choose from, these Houdini Puzzle Locks will thrill and delight you and yours. Of course, anyone can put the key into the keyhole and turn it, but nothing will happen until you figure out where and how to . . . we've said too much. Each Houdini Puzzle Lock will give you a fun way of amusing your friends and/or coworkers, as well as just looking really awesome on your desk. In the immortal words of Harry Houdini, "Rosabelle believe."

Houdini Puzzle Lock

  • You'll only be able to open these padlocks when you know the trick.
  • Great for fun magic tricks, impressing people, and preventing robberies by 19th century rapscallions.
  • Two styles to choose from:
    • Dead Lock: It's got a fancy coat-of-arms-sort-of-thingie on the front.
    • Lock and Key: It's got a combination dial on the front.
  • Each lock comes with two keys.
  • How do you solve them? We're not telling.
  • Lock Dimensions: approx. 3" x 1.8" x 1"

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