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Fisher Space Pen with Stylus

This product is no longer available

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Write . . . in . . . spaaaaace.

  • Writes upside-down, in harsh conditions (hot or cold), or even in zero-g!
  • Capacitive stylus on one end is perfect for all your techie needs.
  • The classic space pen updated for the future of space travel!

 Fisher Space Pen with Stylus

There are many rumors out there that the Fisher Space Pen was invented after NASA spent a bajillion dollars on it. There are other stories that claim to be the truth that say the Fisher Space Pen company approached NASA. It's time to finally set the record straight. The real story is: time travelers from the year Alpha C came back through time and used mind control and stolen plans from the Chillaxi System to get the space pens in the hands of NASA. True story. Anywho, time to update a classic by adding an extra bit of tech. We give to you, the Fisher Space Pen with Stylus.

The Fisher Space Pen is one of the most useful pens in the world. In this classic bullet design, it can easily slip into any pocket. Plus, it can do all the things a space pen can do: write through water, space, and time (but only forward in time, for now). Well, now you can use the reverse end to diddle on your phone or tablet or whatever, 'cause this space pen has a capacitive stylus on the non-writing end. The Fisher Space Pen with Stylus is the only pen you'll ever need.

Fisher Space Pen with Stylus

  • Bullet-style Fisher space pen - pen on one end and capacitive stylus on the other!
  • Stylus works with any capacitive touchscreen device (smartphones, tablets, other doohickeys, etc.).
  • Pressurized ink cartridge writes upside-down, under water, in harsh conditions (hot or cold), and even in zero g!
  • The regular space pen is used by the astronauts in both the Russian and US space-programs (we assume this one will soon be, too).
  • Refills available from included order-form.
  • Presentation case included.
  • Finishes: Available in Silver or Black.
  • Dimensions: approx. 4" (closed) and 5.25" (opened - with cap on back of pen).

Fisher Space Pen with Stylus Video:

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