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ThinkGeek Logo Tee

This product is no longer available

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One of us! One of us!

You've got some brain on your torso.

This ThinkGeek logo tee is basically a dowsing rod for geeks. Only ours is based on science. It works best in a large mass of undistinguished human test subjects. If you're at a gathering of people for a specific geeky subject, for instance a Star Wars convention, you're less likely to experience success with this dowsing methodology. How does it work? You basically walk around the area wearing this shirt, passing many test subjects. It works best if you add a sort of non-committal facial expression: OMG I WANT YOU TO TALK TO ME generally repels test subjects (since they all wonder what you're up to) and GO AWAY (our usual modus operandi) doesn't help in this situation. Eventually one or more of the geeky test subjects will use their mixed-selectivity neurons in the prefrontal cortex to perform pattern recognition on the ThinkGeek logo displayed on your shirt, and come up to you to declare they, too, shop at ThinkGeek. And you tell these kindred spirits that they passed the test with flying colors. Experiment complete.

The ThinkGeek logo on a black, 100% cotton t-shirt.

*This product is imported.

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