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Adventure Time Monopoly

This product is no longer available

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Own the land of Ooo.

  • You got Adventure Time in my Monopoly.
  • You got Monopoly in my Adventure Time.
  • Look out for the evil dudes!

Adventure Time Monopoly

Adventure Time Monopoly

Monopoly is a fun game that sometimes goes on forever and ends in tears. And then it leads to fights and sometimes wars in the home. And if those wars ever escalate to the point of another Great Mushroom War, well, then, all that's left over is Adventure Time Monopoly. And that's a very good thing.

Adventure Time Monopoly takes everything you love about Monopoly and smacks it in the face with a heaping helping of Adventure Time. Embark to the sweet and sugary Candy Kingdom, hide your wallet in the City of Thieves, and travel to alternate dimensions like the demonic wasteland of the Nightosphere or even Lumpy Space! Fortune and glory await you in Adventure Time Monopoly, but beware! The path is perilous as the Ice King, the Lich, and a bunch other evil dudes are waiting to jack you up. Winner is the cool guy (or gal or dog or elephant or Lumpy person)!

Adventure Time Monopoly

  • It's Monopoly with a massive injection of Adventure Time.
  • See if you can buy up all sorts of places from the Land of Ooo (and beyond).
  • ALGEBRAIC! and WHAT THE LUMP! cards replace Chance and Community Chest cards (and they feature storyboard sketches, to boot).
  • Even the money is Adventure Time-y!
  • Includes: Game board, 28 title deed cards, 16 ALGEBRAIC cards, 16 WHAT THE LUMP! cards, 2 dice, 32 houses, 12 hotels, 1 pack of Ooo Dollars, rules - plus 6 custom Tokens: Ice King's Crown, Princess Bubblegum, Jake, Finn, Lumpy Space Princess, and Tree Trunks.
  • Dimensions: Monopoly-sized!

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