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Party Planning Central

Some people can pull off a spontaneous party. They can plan something at lunch and have everyone over that night for an incredible shindig. We are not those people. We plan. We like to have everything Just So for maximum impact. We use spreadsheets and Google docs to keep tabs on all the wheels we have in motion. We've put together some of our home entertaining favorites so they're all in one place. We have something for every occasion. Wedding? Check. Graduation? Check. Board game night? Check. Read about each option below and pick out the items that'll make your next bash the party folks will be talking about for years to come.

Firefly: The Board Game, The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die! Party Game and Superfight! Card Game

Games are the ultimate DIY entertainment for partygoers. Just put an interesting-looking game box on a table, and people who don't even know each other will break it open and start playing. We've picked three of our favorite games to highlight here.

Firefly: The Board Game is great for fans of the show, and a fun way to pass the evening with a small group of friends. Intended for 1-4 players ages 13 and up, you can learn to play on your own before the party starts so then you can help your guests with rules and gameplay.

The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die! Party Game challenges participants to complete Inigo's classic line more creatively than the other competitors. For ages 8 and up, it can be played by 3-10 players and games only last 15 minutes a pop, making it perfect for a lull in the conversation.

Finally, Superfight! Card Game is currently our most popular offering. Often compared to Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples, Superfight! lets you draw cards to build superheroes who then battle it out with the other players' created superheroes. Games take around 30 minutes. Intended for 3-10 players ages 5 and up, Superfight! is one of the few games that's just as much fun to watch as to play.

Firefly The Princess Bride Superfight!

Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp, Fairy Berries™ and Doctor Who TARDIS String Lights

Infuse your space with the right atmosphere by employing lighting. Sure, that soft white overhead is lovely for everyday, but for a party it's less than ideal. We have some options that'll help set the mood.

If you opt for the Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp, your partygoers will not to be able to leave it alone. This seven-piece, interlocking light fixture is addictive. When the pieces are separated, the're dark, but the LED light turns on as the pieces are stacked together in various combinations of color and light.

Maybe you'd like something a little more subtle, in which case you can opt for Fairy Berries™. These 3/4" diameter frosted "berries" with tiny white LEDs inside look great as part of a centerpiece. They're waterproof, so they're safe to toss in the pool, and they'll bring a subtle sparkle to your event for its duration. Unless you're planning on partying for an entire week, in which case you'll want to get more than one pack of 10. They're perfect for evening weddings or receptions. Just make sure nobody steps on them! Faceplant is not a dance move you want the bride making.

And you know what they say. "Ain't no party like a Time Lord party because a Time Lord party is not bound by typical temporal parameters and thus cannot stop." Our Doctor Who string lights meaure 9 feet long and feature 10 mini TARDIS lights. If your event needs more relative dimensions in space, multiple strings can be plugged into each other, and they're good in any 120V AC outlet, indoors or out.

Tetris Desk Lamp Fairy Berries™ Doctor Who Lights

Minecraft and Star Trek Cookie Cutters

Cookies make every party better. You know why? Cookies make everything better. So even if you're not throwing a kids' birthday party, any get-together an excellent opportunity to break out your fancy cookie-making skills.

You don't have fancy cookie-making skills? We don't believe you. With these cutters, fancy cookies are just as easy as regular cookies. Cut. Bake. Ice. Our Minecraft Cookie Cutters come in a set of five: pickaxe, sword, player, cookie, Creeper, and, much like the game, they only require you to be able to make squares. Our Star Trek Cookie Cutters also come in a set of five, but each also comes with a spring-mounted die for imprinting the cookie, which means you only have to trace the lines to ice them.

Minecraft Star Trek

Zombie Head Cookie Jar and Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister

And, of course, you'll want someplace to store your goodies. How about a Zombie Head Cookie Jar? That'll keep little fingers out of the cookie jar. Or perhaps a Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister is more up your alley? Just remember, don't cross the fandoms! Or, well, cross them at your own risk. Just as long as you understand you might end up with zombified Star Trek cookies.

Zombie Head Dragon Egg

The Bartender's Toolbox and Chemist's Cocktail Kit

For parties for those 21 and up, alcohol tends to be a main attraction. Beer and wine are pretty easy to handle, but mixed drinks get more complicated, needing special tools and equipment. As a host, it's important to make sure you have all the right gear before your guests arrive, because although some of them might carry bottle openers with them, nobody carries a jigger.*

The Chemists's Cocktail Set ensures you have the right equipment, plus it gives you a way to show off your science-y self. With a graduated Erlenmeyer flask decanter, 6 graduated test tubes, a glass stirring rod, and a stainless steel shaker with strainer, all in a powder-coated steel rack, this set allows your friends to experiment with different tastes like they're in a lab. Just remember that tasting things in an actual lab is highly discouraged.

* Unless you're this guy. Volunteer to be the Mixologist at a friend's party, and come equipped with your own Bartender's Toolbox. Don't know a billion different cocktails? No worries. Coordinate with the host to see what liquor will be on hand and have a list of options for party guests. It gives you something to do all night (great for introverts), and everybody at the party loves you because you're giving them tasty concoctions.

Bartender's Toolbox Chemist's Kit

Light Show Fountain Speakers and PartyStarter Bluetooth Speaker With Synchronized Lights

DJs are nice, but you can be your own DJ these days with a cleverly-crafted iTunes playlist. Maybe you'll never have that same atmosphere that a club has, but you can give one a run for its money with some of our multifunction speakers. Light Show Fountain Speakers are basically the Bellagio attached to your computer, only with better music. Multi-colored LEDs light up the water which bounces to the beat. If water doesn't do anything for you, you'd probably prefer the PartyStarter Bluetooth Speaker With Synchronized Lights, which projects colorful lights onto the walls and ceiling synchronized with the beat. They sync through Bluetooth, so you can put them anywhere within 30 feet of the source. We suggest picking up a few to let them take turns pulsing through the party.

Light Show Fountain PartyStarter Bluetooth Speaker

Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set

Our Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set can both keep your coffee table pristine and help your guests keep track of their drinks, since each lights up a different color. However, once you have more than 4 guests, you probably want to locate the sets in different quadrants of the space. Folks tend not to bring the coaster with them when they mingle, so you shouldn't end up with 2 blues in the same area unless you start out that way, just to mess with them.

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Erlenmeyer Flask Spirit Decanter and Savino Wine Saver Carafe

Maybe you're not having a huge shindig. We have great options for a more intimate gathering, too.

Made from laboratory-quality borosilicate glass, our Erlenmeyer Flask Spirit Decanter holds 2+ liters of liquid and comes with a glass stopper just in case you can't drink it all in one sitting. Although if it's wine you're pouring, we recommend you do it with the Savino Wine Saver Carafe instead. Its clever design uses a floating glass and silicone seal to keep additional oxygen away from your wine once you've properly decanted it into the carafe. That way if you can't drink it all, you avoid having more vinegar in your kitchen than you know what to do with.

Erlenmeyer Flask Savino Wine Saver

Dorkfood Sous-Vide DSV

But maybe what you need in terms of entertaining is simply the perfect romantic dinner for two. Imagine it. Wine. Candles. A steak you accidentally overcooked so it tastes like the meat was made from shoe leather. Oh wait. Scratch that last one. With the Dorkfood Sous-Vide DSV you can have a perfectly cooked steak every single time. The DSV controls the heat for you, and it'll keep the food warm until you're ready to serve it. Perfection.

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Star Wars LIGHT UP Chop Sabers and R2-D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser

Sushi's generally not a party food, but with its presentation it makes a lovely layout for when you have just a few friends over. Plus, everybody will enjoy it more when it's Star-Wars-themed. Attack your unagi with Star Wars Light Up Chop Sabers. An elegant utensil for a more civilized age, these come in both red and blue. Get both and let the dark and light forces duel over the last spicy tuna roll. Plus, you can put your R2-D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser on the table for the full effect. Perhaps he'll help you navigate the sometimes bewildering universe of sushi options. Is that a big lump of wasabi? Abort! Abort!

LIGHT UP Chop Sabers Soy Sauce Dispenser

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Glassware Set

Our Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Glassware Set lets the host serve up the classiest Synthehol in the quadrant. It's also great for orange juice the next morning for anyone passed out on the floor / couch / horizontal surface. The size of an old-fashioned, these glasses are also good for serving up a big ol' serving of get the heck out of my place, if need be. It's good to have options.

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