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Even More FAQs

What software/system do you use to run your site?

We use custom software, developed entirely in house by our Code Monkeys. This software takes care of all content, product, account, inventory, warehouse, fulfillment, promotion, order, operations and purchasing management in addition to handling our internal financial reporting and statistics, customer service management, issue ticketing and, of course, all front end services accessible to our customers and visitors. Some of our more non-standard features like our web cams, fortune file, action shots and contests are also managed by our software. The software is based on Perl, Apache (with mod_perl and mod_ssl) and MySQL. At this time, our software is not available to anyone outside our company. Sorry.

Our Code Monkeys don't sleep -- or so the legend goes. ;-)

How do I find out what's new on this site?

Go to our What's New page to see what's new with this site, its inhabitants, and any upcoming or recent products. You might not care about the inhabitants, but they are a necessary evil between you and the information you seek. There is no switch to ignore ramblings.

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Need to Talk with Us about Something Urgent?

Our helpful Live Support Monkeys are here to help through live online chat.

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