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It's time to strut your stuff, dress like your favorite hero(ine), and show the world that your geeky fashion sense is fit for any catwalk!

Geek Fashion Week 2016


Guardians of the Galaxy

If a ragtag group of galactic guardians are your cup of tea, you'll want to wear some official (and awesome) Guardians of the Galaxy gear. From hoodies that look like Star-Lord's or Rocket's uniform (complete with ears, where applicable) to socks, we've got it all. So, if you can't stop this feeling, deep inside of you... then you need some GotG gear, pronto!

Rocket Raccoon Hoodie Star-Lord Hoodie Hooded Tank Top Socks

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Cap'n America is one of the red, white, and blue-iest superheroes around. He's also got some great friends and frenemies, like Winter Soldier and Black Widow. Now, you can dress like each one of them with some awesome costume hoodies. And, for those times you need to be a little more discreet in your fandom, slip on a Winter Soldier Watch. Super-Soldier Serum not included.

Captain America Hoodie Winter Soldier Hoodie Ladies' Zip-Up Jacket Winter Soldier Watch

Superhero Business Casual

Sometimes, even superheroes have to attend boring meetings. From Wayne Foundation fundraisers to Daily Planet planning meetings, some parts of their lives are blah and business casual. Well, business casual no longer has to be dull with these super polo shirts. Instead of a lame alligator, you can sport the logo of your favorite DC hero, embroidered over your heart. For justice!

Superman Polo Flash Polo Batman Polo Green Lantern Polo

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Space, the final frontier. And one thing's certain about space: it gets chilly out there! Do what the intelligent Picard, the leaning Riker, and the honorable Worf do: put on one of these awesome Star Trek hoodies. There's even one in the style of Wesley Crusher's striped top. Love him or hate him, be proud of the geek Wesley grew up to be: warm... in a hoodie!

TNG Hoodie Wesley Hoodie Worf Hoodie Tactical Hoodie


R2-D2 is one of our favorite droids ever. He's got rocket jets, sparking tools, blinky lights, hologram princesses, and then some. That's why we made this carry-on suitcase to look just like the little guy. He'll guard your stuff as carefully as he guarded Luke's X-Wing. Inside him, keep your R2-D2 yoga pants, tunic tanks, and socks - so you'll always be ready to get your Artoo on!

Yoga Pants Tunic Tank Socks Luggage

Doctor Who - The 10th Doctor

Ah, the 10th Doctor. With his skinny suits, 3D glasses, and timey-wimey goodness, he holds a special place in the minds of geeks everywhere. And he doesn't have to go, so long as you keep him alive in your heart(s) by wearing a replica of his coat, carrying a replica of his sonic screwdriver, or wearing a lounger that looks like his entire ensemble. Say it with us, "Allons-y!ctap>

Costume Tee Ladies' Doctor's Coat Lounger Sonic Screwdriver