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Happy Holidays 2003

Hello folks!

Pecan pie, mashed potatoes & roast turkey with a rich caffeinated gravy. Ahhh...the holiday season is upon us. And, just like Mario to King Bowser Koopa, we shall rise and greet! Unlike Mario however, we cannot do triple jumps and butt stomps without endangering the integrity of our limbs. So instead we'll just sit in front of our multi-headed LCD's and type furiously. Welcome to the holiday onslaught of cool gifts for the technology-minded. Whether you're buying gifts for somebody geeky, or making a wishlist for yourself, we're here to help make this a happy and techie holiday season!

James Bond 007 Spy Camera

The James Bond 007 Spy Camera

Gadget lovers rejoice!

Cleverly tucked away inside an inconspicuous Zippo-style case lies the first officially licensed 007 digital camera, clearly designed with stealth in mind. Sneak a quick pic, capture important conversations in an audio or video file, or even perform remote surveillance by leaving your camera behind to take shots at preset intervals ranging from 1 to 90 minutes! It's as close as you'll come to serving on Her Majesty's Secret Service. Exclusively available in the U.S. at ThinkGeek!

Make Q Proud Here:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Enter To Win A $1500 ThinkGeek Shopping Spree

That's right, one lucky duck will win the chance to add up to $1500 to their virtual ThinkGeek shopping cart and we'll pick up the tab! Get more details and enter to win below. Winner will be selected on December 21st! Only one entry per household, attempted duplicates will be tickled until they pee, then discarded with extreme prejudice and Holiday glee (using Perl of course):

Shopping Spree!

2004 Despair, Inc Calendars Are Here!! 2 Different Versions

2004 Despair Calendars

The only calendar that guarantees you'll increase your success by lowering your expectations. ThinkGeek is as happy as management on a downsizing spree to be shipping out the 2004 Despair, Inc. Calendars. Available in both 'New' & 'Classic' editions! Featuring gems like 'Teamwork: A Few Harmless Flakes Working Together Can Unleash An Avalanche Of Destruction' and 'Achievement: You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To When You Have Vision, Determination, And An Endless Supply Of Cheap Labor.' Hahaha, oh so true:

Unique Green-Red Laser Pointer

Many people have a red laser pointer, and some even niftier people have the green laser variety. But very few people have them both built into a single unit! So be sure to grab *the first* laser pointer that projects a brilliant GREEN beam from one end and a high-power RED beam from the other end. The GREEN beam is just as bright as other green pointers, range up to 2 miles in darkness, wavelength 532 nm. The green laser beam (not just the dot) is visible at night. The RED beam is the most powerful red laser allowed by the FDA, range 4000 ft in darkness. Get illuminated here:

Unique Green-Red Laser Pointer

For the quadrillionth time, No I Will Not Fix Your Computer!

No, I Will Not Fix Your Computer

There is nothing more frustrating on this earth than constantly being asked to help other people with their petty computer problems. Of course if your job description dictates that you have to fix other people's computers, then there is nothing so frustrating as being forced to do so ;) Let them know how you really feel being pegged as the computer guy (or gal) and tell them once and for all that you ain't gonna do it no more.

R/C Battle Tanks - Shoots Real Ammo!

Ever since we received a demo of this remote controlled ammo-firing tank at our office - people have been wearing computer grey camouflage and engaging in stealth sorties to the watering hole. That's because this 1/24th scale full function remote controlled tank (turret moves sideways and up and down, tank moves forwards, backwards and even spins!) can also shoot 6mm plastic BB's up to 25 meters! That's a lot of firepower. This isn't exactly your little brother's remote controlled tank, so make sure you use those goggles!

RC Battle Tank!

MEGA PC - Barebones PC With Mini Stereo System Functionality

Mega PC

The MEGA PC is a fully-functional Pentium 4 personal computer, with the dual purpose of serving as a full featured mini stereo system. Its useful remote control will allow you to listen to AM/FM radio or CDs (even MP3-filled disks) once you've connected a pair of speakers and installed a CD-ROM or DVD drive. Can we use both Mini and Mega in a single description? We think so, check it out for yourselves:

Caffeine Candy Sampler v4.0

We know you pride yourself for being an independent thinker. We also know that every once and awhile it's nice to take a break. So today, let ThinkGeek do the thinking for you with version 4.0 of our caffeinated candy sampler. With enough caffeine to power a Mars Rover, our candy sampler will let you experience the more popular caffeinated candies we carry without having to fork out a ton of cash. A great stocking stuffer for that special geek in your life..

Caffeine Candy Sampler

Midas Remote Control Watch

Remote Control Watch

Okay, just how cool is a watch with a built-in universal remote control? Well...pretty darn cool we think. Imagine the possibilities - you'll never lose your remote again; you can go to your neighborhood sports bar and take control of those big screen TVs; when visiting a friends house you can watch what you want to watch. Put the power that comes with having the remote right on your wrist!

Lian-Li Aquarium PC Case

There's no way to hide the wow factor of this Lian-Li PC case without blindfolding everyone in the vicinity. Even the non-geeks who have seen this case in action have been compelled to stop and take a look- It's that cool. Your six plastic fish will come to life thanks to the included blue cathode light and air pump, which together provide a very compelling effect. A rear-mounted power switch allows you to turn off the cathode light, which may prove to be the only way you can keep your eyes off this great case.

Lian-Li Aquarium PC Case

Quick Blurbs !!

Fog Blaster

Fog Blaster - Shoots a ring of smoke!

Forever Flashlights

Forever Flashlights - No batteries needed!

Plasma Lamps

Plasma Lamps - Glowing, Mesmerizing and colorful plasma!

Nokon Coolpix SQ

Nikon Coolpix SQ -- 3x Zoom Lens In A Camera Just 3.2" x 3.2" x 1"


Airzooka Air Gun - Back In Stock


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