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On March 25 in the year TA 3019, Barad-dûr fell, the One Ring was destroyed, and Sauron was vanquished. This is why we celebrate Tolkien Reading Day on this date each year, to commemorate the victory of good by reading some stories that are also good. But there is another event that occurred on March 25, also in Middle-earth (i.e., New Zealand), which is just as important to our imagination and dance skills: Richard O'Brien (creator of everything Rocky Horror) was born. Because remember, not all who wander are lost... especially when they jump to the left first.

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Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster - Vader loves breakfast

If your images were on you'd see Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster - Vader loves breakfast

Every morning Darth Vader wakes up hungry in his meditation chamber. Before he puts his helmet on, he enjoys a spot of tea and a bite or two of toast with orange marmalade. He uses his Vader Coffee Maker, his Vader Plates, and his Vader Spreading knives. Oh, and to get his toast perfect, he uses his Darth Vader Toaster. And now you can, too! It looks like most of Vader's head, but it's a toaster. And it toasts the Star Wars logo onto one side of each piece of bread. Adjust the temperature to its fullest, and you'll really be enjoying the Dark Side... of toast.

Magic Lamp of Light and Charging - Lamp of power

If your images were on you'd see Magic Lamp of Light and Charging - Lamp of power

While this lamp doesn't hold a magic genie, it will sometimes seem like one. In the base, it has three USB ports: 1 x 1A and 1 x 2.4A. Those are for charging tablets, phones, and almost anything else needing USB power to survive. But that's not all! This lamp also features eight combinations of brightness and color (pre-programmed) to lessen eye strain - accessed by touch-sensitive panel. If you use the same desk for your computer, your reading, your miniature painting, and other hobbying, this lamp will save your eyeballs. All while charging your gadgets!

The Beer Briefcase - An executive six-pack

If your images were on you'd see The Beer Briefcase - An executive six-pack

Some people think the only way to get a six-pack is to do tons of abominable... sorry, abdominal exercises. But we know six-packs come in another form: a refreshing, drinkable form found in bottles (and cans, but we like bottles). But sometimes, it's just not proper to bring a visible six-pack of bottled joy into formal settings (business function, PTA meeting, etc.). At least, not out in the open. The Beer Briefcase holds six standard 12oz bottles in protective foam and even locks to prevent "accidental" imbibing. The Beer Briefcase will make any secret beverage mission totally possible!

LithiumCard: Hypercharger - The power to charge in your wallet

If your images were on you'd see LithiumCard: Hypercharger - The power to charge in your wallet

LithiumCard looks all unassuming like a standard charger, but secretly it's a hypercharger. What's that mean? It works a lot like a wall charger, restoring your battery at a rate of 1% of its charging capacity per minute. On things with huge batteries (tablets, iPads), you won't see a big difference, but with most phones? Your battery meter will basically shoot up just like our blood pressure at corporate functions. It comes in both Micro USB and Lightning flavors, and it's the height and width of a credit card but the thickness of 5 cards. You already have the power to charge in your wallet. With the LithiumCard you have the power to CHARGE in your wallet.

Star Trek TNG Vinyl Pop Figures - Shoulda named him LoCUTEus of Borg

If your images were on you'd see Star Trek TNG Vinyl Pop Figures - Shoulda named him LoCUTEus of Borg

Funko's added Star Trek: The Next Generation to their POP! lineup of vinyl figures, which means you can hang out with a supercute, 3" tall version of ST:TNG crewmembers and enemies. Choose Data, Deanna Troi, Geordi La Forge, Jean-Luc Picard, a Klingon, Locutus of Borg, Will Riker, or Worf. You can't really recreate the Picard facepalm, the Riker sit/lean, or the Picard shirt tug with these, but note that Riker is bearded for 100% more epicness.

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