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Happy Birthday, Dr. King!

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a gift to this world. Dr. King reached his hug of peace, equality, and humanity to any open arms who would receive it, and many of those who returned the hug happened to work on Star Trek. Remember, it was with his urging Nichelle Nichols continued to play Uhura and became a role model to so many. And George Takei was there on the march from Selma to Montgomery. This makes perfect sense to us. On one hand you have a man who dreamt of a future of acceptance and on the other you have a TV show which proudly portrays that future. Let's just take a little pause, then, to honor Dr. King. And to his message of love? Well, let's just hope it lives long and prospers.

What's New at ThinkGeek!

Star Wars #1 ThinkGeek Exclusive Variant - It begins!

If your images were on you'd see Star Wars #1 ThinkGeek Exclusive Variant - It begins!

The Death Star has just blown up, Darth Vader has gone spinning off into space, and everyone except Chewbacca has medals. But then what? Surely there was more between "A New Hope" and "Empire Strikes Back," right? Right! Well, Marvel has heard your heart's plea. Set directly after the events of Star Wars: Episode IV, this series is going to be flagship of Marvel's new canonical line of comics. Yes, you read that word right: canonical! And this first issue features variant cover by artist Pasqual Ferry!

Seventh Doctor's Umbrella - Brill 'Brell'

If your images were on you'd see Seventh Doctor's Umbrella - Brill 'Brell'

The Seventh Doctor's Umbrella is one of those pieces that's just out of the reach of your basic cosplayer. Acrylic molding isn't something we're generally comfortable with, and, fortunately, we no longer have to be. AbbyShot put together this reproduction with metal, fiberglass, and polyester, and somehow they made it so you can buy it at a reasonable cost. Yes, this is more expensive than an umbrella you get at StuffMart, but you're also not going to find an umbrella with a question mark for a handle at StuffMart. So for those of you, like us, who have wanted one but didn't want to learn how to bend acrylic, here it is. Get it now.

Space Invaders Alien Crab 3D Cushion - Invading your space

If your images were on you'd see Space Invaders Alien Crab 3D Cushion - Invading your space

The aliens that invade your space advance, speeding up as they go. Closer and closer they get. Closer and closer; faster and faster. There seems to be no way to defend yourself against the oncoming invasion. But wait? An idea - a plan! Rushing forward, you grab the lead invader and give is a great big hug. And that's when the invasion ceases. You have conquered the aliens with love, and the lead invader now wants to live on your couch. Good thing it's all soft and plush and cushiony.

The Official Doctor Who Card Game - The Not-Terribly-Long Game

If your images were on you'd see The Official Doctor Who Card Game - The Not-Terribly-Long Game

There's this place, somewhere in the universe. An enemy (usually an alien species) attacks it. The Doctor and/or his companions arrive to defend it. That's pretty much the plot of every episode of Doctor Who, and now you can create your own mini episodes with the Official Doctor Who Card Game, which features the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors as defenders, plus Clara, Amy, Rory, Rose, Martha, River Song, and Donna. Plus, you get to attack the locations of other players, and generally cause havoc in the universe. What more could you want from a game?

New blades appear - they are super effective!

If your images were on you'd see New blades appear - they are super effective!

When the zombies come a-knockin', it's time for you to go a-choppin'! And we've got all the blades you need to take care of the zombies with ease. First, there's the series of blades built with the USMC in mind: an axe, a fixed-blade knife, and a folder (each inspired by the toughness of the US Marine Corps). When the undead arms come reaching for you, make sure you have these four wicked Z-Hunter Machetes. And finally, for some skill in your finishing moves, you need the M48 Tactical Hammer and Kama (dual wield for ultimate zombie carving enjoyment). Chop, chop!

Firefly Coasters - Keepin' your stuff shiny

If your images were on you'd see Firefly Coasters - Keepin' your stuff shiny

Avoid getting rings on the wood tables in your colony with these Firefly coasters. They're metal with a cork back. The set of 4 includes the Blue Sun logo, Serenity's nose art, the Star of the Independents, and the Firefly logo itself, all packaged up nice and neat in a metal tin with the Blue Sun logo. They're right nice lookin' if we do say so ourselves.

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