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For us, the ones who cosplay, the ones who wear costumes to work for fun, Halloween is a time to get rewarded with candy for our everyday behavior. For you super-procrastinators, here are some last minute costume suggestions. You could be Zombie John Keats, Vampire Vermeer, or Werewolf Charles Leroux (all born today). You could be Sherlock Holmes (first published today), Harry Houdini (last lived today), or Mount Rushmore (first not-unfinished today). Whatever you choose, wear your costume proudly and take lots of pictures!

What's New at ThinkGeek!

Level-Up Pipe Mug - Level up with coffee

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Have you ever had so much coffee, that the world started vibrating? We did as we were making and testing this Level Up Pipe Mug. And then, we went down into the Pipe Mug and found a room full of coins! Other people tried with their boring mugs, but it didn't work. Only the Level Up Pipe Mug would let you go down and find something new. Once, it even let us skip our commute and go straight to home from work! This mug looks just like the pipes two plumber brothers liked exploring. Yours might not take you to a magic land, but it sure will help you get your coffee in you. And that's pretty magical right there.

Building Brick Coaster Set - Little brick islands

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Islands are normally places sticking up in water where you can live. These coasters, then, are islands for your brick people. They can build on them and thrive on them. And they can also watch as you knock aside their creations to set your giant glass of ice team on their land - just so you won't get rings on your coffee table. There are four climates for you to use as coasters or building islands: blue can be ice, red can be the Martian plains, white can be frosty snow, and yellow can be... um, yellow snow (you can build on it, but just don't eat it). These coasters are a great way to protect your furniture and spark your imagination.

New Slippers - Skulls and Shuttles!

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Once upon a time, space shuttles took us into space. We can remember being little kids and watching in awe the takeoffs and landings. And though the shuttle program is over, we still love the dang things. That's why we want to wear them on our feet! But space shuttles aren't the only things that fuel our imagination - so do pirate stories. And you can't have a good pirate story without a load of skulls somewhere. When we read these tales, we like to have our skull slippers on. We have slippers for every occasion and inspiration. The Shuttle and Skull slippers all have little rubbery bits on the bottom, so you won't slip in your slippers. Wonder why they call 'em slippers? We'll just slip some on while we ponder.

Magicka Cosplay Robe - Straight from the game!

If your images were on you'd see Magicka Cosplay Robe - Straight from the game!

Magicka is an action-adventure game set in a land where elemental magic rules, goblins and trolls are perfectly harmless (well, perhaps not entirely), and all the villagers are wise-cracking smart-alecks. The only folk to protect the realm are the Wizards of the Order of Magick. And now it's your turn to don a robe! The whole ensemble is a robe, a belt, and a hood. But the hood is extra special because it has a wire frame for shaping and a removable screen for covert or overt wizard stuff. Not only does the Magicka Cosplay Robe make a great instant video game cosplay costume, but it can also serve as the basis for many other character costumes. Robe up!

Rainbow Cloud Handbag - Why so cirrus?

If your images were on you'd see Rainbow Cloud Handbag - Why so cirrus?

Coach doesn't carry this happy Rainbow Cloud handbag. You won't find it at Michael Kors either. That's because it's a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive which is rivaled only by the bags from Loungefly and Tokidoki in a "volume of cuteness per square inch" battle. What volume is that exactly? We can't remember how to figure the volume of an irregular solid, so we'll just say "lots." Its rigid exterior measures 12 1/4" wide (at base) x 9 1/4" high (at middle) x 3 1/2" deep, big enough for your eReader. It's perfect to throw a jacket and a compact umbrella in on a day that threatens to rain, because it leaves you enough space for your wallet and your phone up in the top, easy to grab. And at the end of that overcast day, it'll still be smiling.

Firefly Magnetic Poetry - Nothin' in the 'Verse as shiny

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The TV show Firefly may have only aired for 14 episodes, but the fan-following is possibly even more rabid than any other series. Joss Whedon has made it known he won't be revisiting Serenity any time soon. We can hope, though. But other than hope, what are we to do until that day? How about write your own dialogue? Let our Firefly Magnetic Poetry kit get you started. Complete with 428 words (and bits of words) straight out of the Firefly universe, this kit will take the pretty words right out of your ruttin' mouth. Or uh... hands. Don't put magnets in your mouths, kids.

Two Firefly Wallets - Keep your cash secure

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Whether you deal in credits or scrips, one thing is clear: if you don't secure your money as you travel around the 'Verse, it could fall into the wrong hands. So, to prevent that and to keep your stuff yours, we're offering you these two wallets. One is decorated to look like the flag of the Browncoats. It will show everyone, every time you pay or show your ID, where your allegiance lies. But if you are more corporate-minded, you might prefer the Blue Sun Wallet. Oh, who are we kidding: if you're a fan of Firefly, you're gonna want one of each. Just make sure you know which one your money is in when you go out misbehavin'!

Magical Unicorn Chocolate Lollipop Mold - Super suckers

If your images were on you'd see Magical Unicorn Chocolate Lollipop Mold - Super suckers

Now, it will all depend on the ingredients you use, but we think any lollipops you make in the Magical Unicorn Molds will be about a bajillion times tastier than any other lollipops you have ever tasted or will ever taste... ever. Why? Well, because they are made to look like real life magical unicorn heads. And you don't have to just make lollipops; you can make regular chocolates, tiny cakes, soaps, ice cubes, or anything else you press into a mold (cheese, maybe). Not only will they look awesome, not only (if you mold something edible) will they taste awesome, but anyone you share them with will think you are awesome. All the magic of real unicorns, without the messy rainbow farts.

For Your Listening Pleasure - New gear to blast your tunes

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Fast fact we just made up: James Bullough Lansing (JBL) got into the loudspeaker business because teachers always told him to speak up! The real (also made up) reason he got into making loudspeakers was because he could see into the future, see these amazing speakers and headphones, and knew he had to start the company that would eventually bring these to fruition. Jimmy Lansing wanted to make sure you'd have some of the best Bluetooth speakers and headsets, the greatest computer speakers, and the craziest light shows you could ever have hoped for. Check out all these fantastic looking (and sounding) speakers and headphones. You're sure to find just what you've been searching for. Thanks, JBL!

Wonder Woman and Batgirl Yoga Pants - For all your super lounging needs

If your images were on you'd see Wonder Woman and Batgirl Yoga Pants - For all your super lounging needs

Occasionally you need a break from all the Spandex and boots and capes associated with saving the world. It's these times when you need something a little more... subdued. Relaxing. Some clothing in which you could really zen-out. The stretchy, fold-over waist on these yoga pants have their respective logos, and the legs are a heathered fabric. Available in sizes Small through 3X!

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