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It's been a long road, getting from there to here. Scott Bakula turns 60 today. We were just thinking about him, too, since we launched our first Quantum Leap merchandise a few weeks back and then saw his face in the commercials for the latest NCIS: Insert City Here. You know, if he hadn't ever ventured past Sam Beckett, we'd still like him, but we're glad to see he's doing new stuff. We hope his next leap will be the leap home... for birthday cake.

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New York Comic Con and Science - Guest Blogger Maki Naro!

If your images were on you'd see New York Comic Con and Science - Guest Blogger Maki Naro!

Interested in science and comics? Check out our guest blog post from special guest, Maki Naro! Maki is a New York City cartoon character and freelance illustrator. He is the creator of Boxplot and Maki was also a finalist on the hit reality web series, Strip Search, which has brought him nothing but fame and ruin. Follow him on twitter @sciencecomic. Read his take on science, comics and some cool NYCC events on the ThinkGeek Blurgh!

Magical Unicorn Drinking Horn - An April Fool's product made real!

If your images were on you'd see Magical Unicorn Drinking Horn - For mythical drinks

We're going to tell you right up front: these are not from real unicorns. If they were from real unicorns, we'd all be cursed to wander the planet in a horrible half-life. These are reproductions of unicorn horns we examined, photographed, and measured while in a magical land inside our wardrobes. Each Unicorn Drinking Horn has a gold-colored ring for your finger (to make drinking fancier) and a stand (so you don't have to drink it all down at once). They are perfect for toasting special events; imagine how beautiful a wedding would be with these! We joked about these Unicorn Drinking Horns on April Fool's Day, but you really wanted them. Your wish is our command!

Captain America Stealth Shield Watch - For covert time keeping

If your images were on you'd see Captain America Stealth Shield Watch - For covert time keeping

The one thing all covert ops team members do before the mission begins is synchronize watches. And that's one time you NEVER want to have a super flashy watch. It's for these missions that Nick Fury developed this Captain America Stealth Shield Watch. This watch replaces all the red, white, and blue with stealthy black and white, without skimping on the quality of the timepiece. And the best part is, the black and white Captain America shield still looks dashing enough to wear when you dress up. In fact, it's sort of a fun way to hide your affinity for Captain America - almost like your geekiness is going into stealth mode!

Toymail - Voicemail through animals!

If your images were on you'd see Toymail - Voicemail through animals!

Here's how this works: the Toymail animal is connected to your home's WiFi network and is placed near your children. Once you are far away from said children, you send them a voicemail message from the Toymail app. Your child's Toymail animal will now make animals noises to let your little one know there is a message waiting. Kid presses the play button, hears your message in either your voice or the animal's voice, hits the reply button and sends a message back to you. You get said message through the app, and then lather, rinse, repeat. A fun and funny way for you and your kids to communicate when life forces you too far apart to just yell.

Firefly Clue - Who betrayed River?

If your images were on you'd see Firefly Clue - Who betrayed River?

River is missing from the ship. Someone betrayed us all and helped River get kidnapped by the Alliance. They used a particular item and it happened in a specific place on the ship. Your job is to figure out who, what, and where. And, if you've deduced that this sounds just like the game of Clue (or just read the name of the product), then perhaps you've got what it takes to solve this mystery. For it is Clue, but expertly blended with Firefly. As with classic Clue, one of the best parts are the little weapons, and Firefly Clue doesn't disappoint. You'll get little metal tokens of a 6 Shooter, Vera, Teapot, Wrench, Dinosaur, Torn Book, Med Kit, Leather Necklace, and Hands of Blue. Truly shiny tokens!

New Gear for your Car - Add some fandom to your ride

If your images were on you'd see New Gear for your Car - Add some fandom to your ride

Cars are places we spend a lot of time, driving from work to home to work to home. But many times the insides don't reflect the things we love (they're just dirty). If you enjoy The Nightmare Before Christmas, Star Wars, Batman, or the Avengers, have we got some stuff for you! If Jack Skellington is your bone daddy, then you need the Nightmare Before Christmas floor mat sets and drink holder coasters. If the Avengers are more your style, then you need the Marvel Auto Coasters and the Captain America keychain. If you're into Star Wars, then there are some Auto Coasters for you, too - plus some air fresheners. And finally, if you've always wanted to drive the Batmobile, you can take one step closer to it by using the Batman Air Fresheners. What does the Batmobile smell like? Vanilla... and justice!

Narwhal USB Heated Plush Slippers - They are so awesome

If your images were on you'd see Narwhal USB Heated Plush Slippers - They are so awesome

These particular narwhals are so awesome because they keep your toesies warm. The slippers plug up to your USB port when you're ready to be warmed, and you can unplug the cords when you're ready to swim around a bit. (Note: By "swim" we mean "walk." Do not put these in water.) For people who always have cold toes, these are a perfect gift.

New Card Games - Here to amuse you

If your images were on you'd see New Card Games - Here to amuse you

We just love us some card games. And with all these new ones available, it's sort of like Card-a-pa-looza! If you hate rules, you just have to check out all the different FLUXX games. Manipulate the rules of the game until you win! Loonacy's rules can be explained in one sentence, yet when you add the speed of the gameplay, it can be quite difficult to win. Adventure Time Munchkin brings Munchkin to the Land of Ooo. Plus, it can be combined with all other Munchkin games you own for some insane gameplay. Finally, if you fell in love with the game Card Wars from Adventure Time (even if you slept through Jake's explanation of the rules), then it's time you played it for realsies. What time is it? It's time to Floop the Pig!

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