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And this one's a painting of a dog finding some caves...

A dog named Robot is pretty awesome. A dog named Robot in 1940 is crazy awesome. A dog named Robot in 1940 who goes down a hole and finds 17,000 year old cave paintings? That's Lascaux for you. Today's the 74th anniversary of the day 4 teenagers (and a dog named Robot) discovered the magnificent Paleolithic cave paintings. Best dog walk evar.

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Crazy Mini Cake Pans - Play with your food

If your images were on you'd see Crazy Mini Cake Pans - Play with your food

Why is it exactly you shouldn't play with your food? Don't fling it across the cafeteria we understand; somebody's got to clean that up. But mashed potato volcanoes never hurt anybody. We're in favor of you playing with your food all the time. That's why we came up with these silicone mini cake pans. One makes 4 8-Bit Mushrooms and the other makes 4 2X2 building bricks. Add a little batter, pop 'em in the oven, and celebrate playing with your food.

Star Wars 1947 Print - From its original theatrical release

If your images were on you'd see Star Wars 1947 Print - From its original theatrical release

The year was 1947, and a new serial flew onto the silver screen and into the collective consciousness of the world. Star Wars. Ok, so maybe it really was 30 years later that we first saw Star Wars, but that doesn't stop artist Russell Walks from imagining what movie posters for the film would have looked like not so long, long ago. This poster instantly adds a bit of retro, sci-fi class to any wall to which it is affixed. With the lines and looks of an old movie poster, this Star Wars: 1947 Print will make you feel the same thing George Lucas felt when he tried to get the movie rights to "Flash Gordon," failed, and then made science fiction history: awesome!

Two new blankets - Cuddle up!

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A wise philosopher once said, when confronted with a problem, "Throw a blanket over it!" So, if your Rubik's Cube suddenly starts melting or you get that straight Tetris piece just a little too late, just throw a blanket over it! And if you use one of these two blankets, you'll actually still know which puzzle you are covering up. Will a blanket help solve the problem? Nope. But it sure will make it feel better as you wrap up in the blanket's warmness and softness and drift away into peaceful thoughts and dreams and... What problem were we worrying about again? Oh well. Time to snuggle into our Melting Rubik's Cube and Tetris Fail Blanket fort and snooze. Because a good nap solves everything.

Star Wars Imperial Chronometers - Vader approved.

If your images were on you'd see Star Wars Imperial Chronometers - Vader approved.

There are two things needed for a watch to be approved by Darth Vader for use on the Death Star. First, it has to be a rugged watch, one which looks just as good in the heat of battle as it does while talking to the Emperor. Second, it has to be analog; Vader hates digital time pieces (he's very techno-sensitive). And that's it. Oh, and third and fourth, it needs to tell the time and date. These two Imperial Chronometers do all of the above. Choose the red Vader or the white Stormtrooper version (whichever better matches your current battle armor) and you'll never be wanting for the time, date, or sense of style again. And Vader will be very, VERY pleased.

littleBits Korg DIY Synth Kit - DIY beats

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This is one of the coolest team ups in the history of electronic music. Korg and littleBits have brought their brains together and made the littleBits Korg DIY Synth Kit. By combining the different modules included, you can build your own sound machines (even if you have little to no engineering or musical knowledge). This kit comes with 12 modules (Micro Sequencer, Keyboard, 2 Oscillators, and more!) and each module connect to each other with the power of magnets! No soldering required; you just move the modules together and the magnets link up the circuits. The Synth Kit also comes with an amazing booklet. It will lead you through 10 different projects, all the while teaching you about the parts of an analog synthesizer and synthesizer history. It's time to free your inner rock star!

Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords Core Set - Let the cards GM

If your images were on you'd see Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords Core Set - Let the cards GM

We've all had that moment in our roleplaying groups. You've just finished a campaign, and you're ready to start a new one. Only one problem: nobody wants to be the GM. Everybody wants to play. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords tries to solve this problem by essentially making a stack of cards the GM, complete with boxtext. And, like a series of numbered modules, the game makers give you a set of scenarios for your characters to progress through so that if you keep playing, you can, in effect, level your character up.

Anerable Animal Slippers - For when your dogs are barking

If your images were on you'd see Anerable Animal Slippers - For when your dogs are barking

One of the things you find out quickly at college is that you don't want to walk around barefoot. Most folks pack a pair of flip flops for venturing to and from the communal bathroom, but you want something more comfy for when you're ensconced in the dorm room you call your own. What about a pair of these adorable slippers? Sized for adults, these slippers come in Kitten, Panda, or Shark versions, depending on your animal preferences.

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