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A fortuitous day!

So many amazing things happened on May 14th. Darwin sat down to write The Origin of Species (1856), Marconi communicated by wireless telegraph (1897), George Lucas was born (1944), CBS transmitted TV by laser light beam (1963), Mark Zuckerberg was born (1984, and now you feel old), AMD introduced the Athlon 4 processor (2001), and NASA announced the discovery of the youngest supernova remnant G1.9+0.3.

What are you going to do today to make May 14 great?

Watch the Musical Ruler video!

Video? In email!? We know, it's crazy. Apologies if it doesn't play in your email browser, but if you'd like to see the Director's Cut, you can check out the full version on our YouTube channel or read more about this revolutionary musical device.

What's New at ThinkGeek!

Magnetic Thermopot - Thermo hot-hot-hot!

If your images were on you'd see Magnetic Thermopot - Thermo hot-hot-hot!

You know what we want to smuggle into the movies on a rainy day? A nice warm cup of soup. But until now, NO SOUP FOR US. (And it's been more than one year.) The manufacturers of Magnetic Thermopot call it a food flask, and boy, do we think that is a great description. It makes it sound so sleek and sneaky. Now we can finally sip some chicken noodle at the movie theater or smuggle our delicious French press into the local chain coffee shop where we mooch WiFi.
Magnetic Thermopot - Thermo hot-hot-hot!

Justick Electro Adhesive Desktop Noteboard - Very attractive

If your images were on you'd see Justick Electro Adhesive Desktop Noteboard - Very attractive

Got bits of paper and notes floating all over your desk? Can't find them when you want them? Hoping for science to swoop in and save the day? Well, wait no longer! Just plop a Justick Noteboard on your desk, add batteries, and get ready to be amazed. The Justick generates an electrostatic force to "stick" bits of paper to it. No more tape or sticky notes, you just touch the paper to the Justick and it just sticks (get it?) like magic. You'll amaze your coworkers and you'll revolutionize your workspace--all because of your use of SCIENCE! Thanks, Chucky Coulomb!
Justick Electro Adhesive Desktop Noteboard - Very attractive

Musical Ruler with Songbook - Perfectly measured music

If your images were on you'd see Musical Ruler with Songbook - Perfectly measured music

Anyone can learn to play the ruler. It's fun, easy, and very rewarding. You'll start your rulist (as ruler players are called) career busking and practicing wherever you can find a table. But with enough dedication, love of the art, matching band t-shirts, and groupies, you'll soon be the world's most popular rulist and all will bow before you. Really, the most wonderful thing about the musical ruler is you really can play music on it. It's tuned to the key of C--just overlap at the note line and flick. The sprong you hear will be the note you selected. The included songbook looks like an old music instruction manual from the 60s or 70s for even more enjoyment. Time to rock; time to rule!
Musical Ruler with Songbook - Perfectly measured music

25th Anniversary Predator Action Figures - In the (tiny) jungle

If your images were on you'd see 25th Anniversary Predator Action Figures - In the (tiny) jungle

Beautifully cast, incredibly detailed, and with over 20 points of articulation and some amazing accessories, Dutch is ready for that rescue mission. He knows it's a one-way ticket, but he's fought bigger dogs on your kitchen floor before. As long as he's got you for backup, there's no Predator or slobbery mutt that can take him down. Now, get to the chopper before Whiskers wakes up!
25th Anniversary Predator Action Figures - In the (tiny) jungle

Minecraft Steve Vinyl Figures - *digdigdig*

If your images were on you'd see Minecraft Steve Vinyl Figures - *digdigdig*

You are Steve: a blockheaded, happy man that spends his time exploring an 8-bit world, digging giant holes, gathering materials, and erecting massive structures that protect him from the world's dangers. There are creepers, zombies, and the occasional angry jungle cat; each has their own reasons for going after Steve when all he wants to do is build a cool house and maybe eat some pork chops and pumpkin pie. So, grab that pickaxe, adorn yourself in diamond armor, and be ready for adventure.
Minecraft Steve Vinyl Figures - *digdigdig*

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