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September 17, 2009


We gather here today... well, really just to hang around. And while we've been hanging around, the topic arose of the new geeky awesomeness that is coming this fall on the big and small screens. We recently ran a little Twitter poll to see which shows and movies you all are excited to see this season. Close to 10,000 of you voted and Mythbusters was the clear winner. You must like it when science and TV come together as much as we do! So, you have passed the test. You will diminish, and go into the West and remain Galadriel. Check out the link to the Twitter poll at the bottom of this newsletter to see the detailed results and to vote if you haven't yet. Now onto the things we really gathered here for...

Brick Construction Shirt. Get building, people!

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Be On The Lookout For The ThinkGeek Catalog! Plus Save Some $$ NOW

 Be On The Lookout For The ThinkGeek Catalog! Plus Save Some $$ NOW

While the ThinkGeek monkeys mostly prefer data in the digital realm, we still cater to folks who occasionally like to hold in their hands an analog version of the ThinkGeek website. Also known as a 'catalog', we snail mail these out 3-4 times a year. If you've already signed up, you should be getting yours soon. If not, visit the link below to sign-up for future versions of the glorious, 100% resplendent, bounty-hunter approved ThinkGeek catalog. Still reading? Great! Use the code CATALOG during checkout to save $10 off orders of $50 or more or $5 off orders of $25 or more. Hurry though, the offer expires September 30th, 2009. Did we mention our catalog is coming? Get it!

Gunnar Computer Glasses - Reduce eyestrain with science!

The human eye is a magnificent device - a highly specialized organ ideal for our species' survival. Unfortunately for us geeks, the powers-that-be have designed ourselves workplaces that subtlety sabotage the health of our eyes. Blue light from our flickering overhead lamps and monitors is focused poorly by our eyes, causing eyestrain. Gunnar Optiks now makes glasses specifically designed with its polarized yellow lenses to help filter blue light as well as glare, giving your ocular orbs a break. Stylish and comfortable, you can wear them all day. Mutant warning: contains no ruby, so will not block optic blasts.

Gunnar Computer Glasses - Reduce eyestrain with science!

Star Wars Mimobot Thumb Drives - Rid the Galaxy of Boring Storage Devices

 Star Wars Mimobot Thumb Drives - Rid the Galaxy of Boring Storage Devices

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away there were some thumb drives... you know the kind that plug into USB and store data? And frankly they were pretty boring looking but wanted to rule the universe anyway. Then along came Star Wars Mimobot Thumb Drives and showed those other dull drives up by using the force, and amazing lightsaber moves... and generally just flipping out and being way way sweeter. Take these cute reincarnations from the Star Wars universe home to your galaxy and laugh as your friends' thumb drives cower in fear and shame at their terrible ordinariness.

5.11 Tactical Light for Life Flashlight - Fully charges in 90 seconds

As strange as it may sound, this flashlight does not use batteries for power. Instead it contains an energy management system using ultracapacitors that work together with advanced circuitry to manage how energy is used by the flashlight. This amazing light is capable of going from dead flat to a full charge in 90 seconds. It features a run-time of 120 minutes, with 60 minutes at 90 lumens output (yeah, that's pretty bright). Unlike traditional rechargeable batteries that develop memory or degrade, this flashlight is rated for 50,000 charge/discharge cycles with virtually no degradation. That's a charge a day for more than 135 years!

5.11 Tactical Light for Life Flashlight - Fully charges in 90 seconds

Revomaze Extreme Puzzle - Navigate the Labyrinth to Escape

Revomaze Extreme Puzzle - Navigate the Labyrinth to Escape

If you're searching for a conundrum wrapped in a riddle of obfuscation then we have a fine enigma of a puzzle for you. The Revomaze Extreme Puzzle is one of the finest crafted, most entertaining puzzles that we have had the pleasure of delightfully torturing ourselves with. Individually milled from a solid block of metal, the Revomaze features an internal labyrinth full of dead ends, traps, and one way paths you need to navigate to remove the metal core and solve the puzzle. What makes the Revomaze truly great is its challenge to both your mental and physical aptitude.

Missed Connection - Layover in T-Shirtville

We always try to make connections between the new shirts in the newsletter, but we'll be honest. These three shirts really don't have anything in common. Except that they all come with the standard number of holes and they're geeky. Just like you! If you're into subtlety, we have a new torrent-themed shirt featuring our favorite landscaping company, Jolly Roger Lawn Care. The best part of having a shirt which folks don't understand is not having to explain it to them. For the more blatant among you (you know who you are), give yourself a rating of V with Violent Before Video Games. For the ladies, we have a new Edward Scissorhands Schematic that's sliceriffic.

Missed Connection - Layover in T-Shirtville

Terminator Fuel Cell Lighters - Just like you ripped it out of Arnold

Terminator Fuel Cell Lighters - Just like you ripped it out of Arnold

Skynet went online on August 4, 1997. We've seen the Terminator movies, but so has Skynet. It has changed its plans. Instead of building Arnold-esque killer machines, it has built Terminators of a different sort. But we're not fooled. We've torn out the nuclear fuel cells of all those we have found and turned them into lighters. Why? To remind each and every one of us to be vigilant. Terminators are all around us... eh, we're just kidding. These lighters are just cool because they look like the Terminator fuel cells in the movies. Prop replica and fire starter all in one. Yay.

Star Trek Wall Decals - Turn any room into the bridge of the Enterprise

If you read "Star Trek" and kept reading, then you want this. Admit it - you've dreamed of commanding a starship - warping between words at ludicrous speeds, firing photon torpedoes with wild abandon, signing clipboards like a demon vikingOk, clearly we can get carried away, but never before have we been closer to that full-immersion experience of cruising in a Constitution class starship than now. These wall decals turn your room into the bridge of the Enterprise so you can finally live out your own Kobayashi Maru scenario.

Star Trek Wall Decals - Turn any room into the bridge of the Enterprise

Spy Keylogger - What you do with it is your business

Spy Keylogger - What you do with it is your business

The primary way to get information into a computer nowadays is with a keyboard, and if you want to know what is entered into a computer, you either need to be the person typing, be the computer, or be the "man in the middle." This device is that sneaky man, the one in the middle that, secretly, watches the keystrokes going by and records them before letting them go on their merry way. Whatever is typed, up to 2 megs worth, gets recorded onto this easily hidden device. You know what to do.

Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium - Fill your ceiling with stars

It's been a long day at work. You get home, eat some cold leftovers, and crash on your bed. Time to escape the madness. You turn on your Star Theater Pro and turn out the lights. The night sky erupts in all its sparkling glory on your ceiling. Using a hi res image disc with a picture of the night sky and professional planetarium technology, the Star Theater Pro lets you feel like you're floating outside in space. It's one of the most peaceful and dream-inducing ways to relax. And since you set the auto timer, the unit automatically shuts off after you've fallen asleep. Pleasant dreams.

Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium - Fill your ceiling with stars

I Spy With My Little, Red Eye Something Shiny

I Spy With My Little, Red Eye Something Shiny

We found this awesome ring that we had to have. And we figured all the BSG fans out there in customer-land had to have it, too. We contacted the designer and discovered a whole new level of awesome. Han Cholo (the DJ name given to creator Brandon Schoolhouse by The Beastie Boys) provides geek bling for such luminaries as Ewan McGregor, Gwen Stefani, and Snoop Dogg. And now you, too. Maybe we shouldn't say "bling;" "bling" implies frivolous. These are serious pieces. Chunky. Well-cast. And heavy on the sci-fi, gaming, and fantasy references. Maybe you should see for yourself.

LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0

This kit is the best LEGO kit ever. Really. Not only does it let you build crazy programmable robots, but it teachers you how to program and build them in a way where you can begin designing your own 'bots and programs. It comes with ultrasonic sensors, so your robot can "see." It has bumptastic touch sensors, for controlling how it moves. You get three servos, for a wide range of motion. All this (and more) controlled by the NXT brainbox. And, for the first time in any LEGO kit, you'll get the amazing color sensor. It can actually distinguish colors and can help your bot pick up only specific colored spheres. That's right, this is the first LEGO robot that knows what colors its balls are.

LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0

Star Trek Original Series Tricorder - Scanning for anomalies

Star Trek Original Series Tricorder - Scanning for anomalies

If you're going down on a new planet, you want to make sure you have your phaser and communicator. But how can you know if the air is breathable and the water drinkable and make sure the big lump of pizza is not going to eat you? Easy, you scan it with your tricorder! And this gem of a toy/replica is just what you need to complete your Star Trek costume. Lights and sounds taken directly from the TV show await you. Heck, it's even got a removable scanner with lights for more thorough searches. Because if you scan long enough, you're sure to find all the sexy aliens.

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Bacon Salt - Bad Food Tastes Good, Good Food Tastes Better

Bacon Salt - Bad Food Tastes Good, Good Food Tastes Better!

Cicada LED Knife

Cicada LED Knife - It's Shape Is Sharp

Trip Glasses

Trip Glasses - Mini Brain Machine

Colorflame Birthday Candles

Colorflame Birthday Candles - five differently colored flames

Spaghetti Measure

Spaghetti Measure - Dial-a-serving

Mimo Mini USB Monitor

Mimo Mini USB Monitor - Now in Compact Slider Version

Keychain Speaker Amp

Keychain Speaker Amp - Portable Speaker Buddies Up With Your Keys

Splitterbot Headphone Sharing Robot

Splitterbot Headphone Sharing Robot - Loses His Head Over Sharing Music

Rugged Tool Bag and Gloves Set

Rugged Tool Bag and Gloves Set - Over $50 if purchased separately

Gallop!  A Scanimation Picture Book

Gallop! A Scanimation Picture Book - Wicked cool motion pictures

Harry Potter Potion N. 113 Keychain

Harry Potter Potion N. 113 Keychain - Just like Snape's keyring

Shrinky Dinks Robots

Shrinky Dink Robots - Geek Classic Toy For Kids

Origami Colander

Origami Collander - Beautifully Space Saving

Tux Droid

Tux Droid - Back In Stock After A Long Hiatus

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