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September 2, 2009

Prawn Sympathizers,

Can somebody please enlighten us as to how it got to be September already? One minute we're making April Fools jokes like Squeez Bacon and the Tauntaun Sleeping bag (which is no longer a joke, yay!) and the next it's back to school time. Seriously, we need a timeturner or an anomaly in the space-time continuum up in here folks, because we're not getting any younger and we have lots of of geektastic stuff to do before the year is up. And in case you've been wondering what we've been doing to lead us to this point, we've been trying to figure out how folks back in the 60's used these things to get us to the moon!

The ThinkGeek Slide Rule

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Back to School Special - Free Annoy-a-Tron with $20 Order!!

Back to School Special - Free Annoy-a-Tron with $20 Order!!

There is nothing as annoying in this world as something that annoys. That's precisely why we named our homegrown mind melting device the Annoy-a-tron. And because we sort of like you a lot, we're giving it away for free with orders > $20 for a limited time. Use the Annoy-a-tron on your office mates, dorm buddies, or if you are feeling particularly evil, drop one in the library during exams. How do you get yours? Just place $20 or more of goodies into your cart, excluding shipping and taxes, and enter the code MENTAL during checkout to redeem. This offer will expire midnight, September 15th 2009, so hurry and annoy them before they annoy you! Then do it again, and again...

Beer Blaster Liquid Shooter - Dorm Wars to the Next Level

Kids like water guns. Remember? You could soak your friends and when you got thirsty, you could shoot water into your own mouth. Well, now you're older and your tastes have changed. Time to update your liquid arsenal to match! Shake a can of beer and lock it in the Beer Blaster. The power of carbonation will propel it out the nozzle when you press the trigger. And if your stream gets weak, shake some more! Sure you could soak your friends with the Beer Blaster, but we know what you're really goning to do: spray some into your own mouth. Oh yeah. And how do we know? What do you think we're doing right now?

Beer Blaster Liquid Shooter - Dorm Wars to the Next Level

Star Wars Force Trainer - Control the Force with Your Brain Waves

Star Wars Force Trainer - Control the Force with Your Brain Waves

Ready are you. Ready to begin the path towards Jedi. Easy it is not, but do you must. Force trainer you will purchase, and Force you will master. Yoda will help. Seriously, he will. Just put on the Padawan headgear (making sure the metal discs are in contact with your skin) and power up. Your brain waves will be detected and (when you learn to control them) the Force Trainer Sphere will rise. Using simplified EEG technology, the Force Trainer actually responds to your brain waves. Yoda will guide you through 15 levels of Force training. Will you be able to lift an X-Wing once you master all 15? Let's just say our computers are all floating 3 feet off the ground and leave it at that, shall we?

Tac Bac - Tactical Canned Bacon - Yup, Bacon in a Can

The Zombiepocalyse is coming - movies and comic books have proven it. We plan to survive in style. We've got our crossbow loaded with explosive bolts, some silver bullets (in case the zombies turn into werewolves too), and shelf after shelf of Tac Bac - Tactical Canned Bacon. Tac Bac is specially prepared bacon strips, carefully rolled and canned. Each can has over a 10 year shelf life, so it will be as tasty in year one as in year seven of your resistance. And don't worry about suffering - Tac Bac is delicious. So load up on some cans today; bacon will save you.

Tac Bac - Tactical Canned Bacon - Yup, Bacon in a Can

Mimo Mini USB Monitor - Now with Built-In Touchscreen!

Mimo Mini USB Monitor - Now with Built-In Touchscreen!

Looking for that extra bit of screen real estate to get you through the busy workday? †With a single USB connection from your computer, the Mimo Monitor gets you an instant high-resolution secondary display. This handy display is perfect for your IM client, widgets, PC gaming tools, your email, a task list, or even video. Now the new Mimo 740 offers full touchscreen capabilities. In addition to extra screen real estate, you can control everything on-screen with a finger or stylus. Great for tool selection in photoshop, or use it as a full display and input solution for a mini-pc.

But Wait... There's MOAR! (Shirts, That Is)

This may be a first for ThinkGeek. We have 16 new shirt options for this newsletter: 8 standard t-shirts, 6 just for ladies, 1 kids' shirt, and 1 hoodie. What does that all add up to? More cool wearables for us. Less laundry for you. What's your thing? Maybe Army of Darkness? Princess Bride? Doctor Who, Serenity, or Buffy? Or CHUCK NORRIS? Well, if not, we also are now offering Self-Rescuing Princess on the ladies' classic cut, a set of HTML shirts for the whole family, a little joke about a ring we all dread receiving, and, our favorite, the Shirt of Ultimate Disambiguation. Just say "No."

But Wait... There's MOAR! (Shirts, That Is)

Pocket Ref, 3rd Edition - The Super Reference (As Seen on Mythbusters)

Pocket Ref, 3rd Edition - The Super Reference (As Seen on Mythbusters)

Adam Savage from Mythbusters has said of this book, "It's got everything in it.... It should be in everyone's toolbox." We could stop there and you'd know how important it is for you to own a copy of this book. It covers almost every known subject known to humankind - with facts and figures and illustrations and tables and charts to make sure no matter what you are building or planning or experiencing, you'll be ready for it. You will be prepared for anything. Because you never know when knowledge about the density and melting point of Dysprosium will come in handy (page 568).

Timmy's Tactical Attache - SWAT Bag for Your Netbook

You may not know it, but before Timmy was an icon for today's high-tech generation, he worked for a short stint in a SWAT team. Sure he was IT support, but he still got to wear that cool black outfit and carry a cool-ass bag full of gear. This bag is an actual police satchel repurposed to carry your netbook, cables, drives, books and Bawls in zippered and velcro pouches. Look like a certified badass as you swoop in and pick off bugs and defects like a sniper!

Timmy's Tactical Attache - SWAT Bag for Your Netbook

Inverse Spatial Logic Game - Less Rules = More Fun

Inverse Spatial Logic Game - Less Rules = More Fun

In the battle of board games we find that the most minimalist survive. The Inverse Spatial Logic Game has only three rules. It is very proud of itself. Each player starts off with an identical set of colored wooden blocks. The players take turns placing the blocks on the board following only three rules regarding the height and orientation of pieces placed. When no more blocks can be placed, the person with more blocks left loses. Simple... no? Gameplay inevitable involves a tetris like race to block your opponent while cramming in as many of your blocks as possible.

Micro Camcorder Pro - Tiny, Discreet, Sneaky like a Ninja

In the never ending search for tinier and tinier gadgets, we've stumbled across this itty bitty little camcorder that clips onto your shirt like a metal lamprey, except less fishy. Capable of recording hours of video onto the included 2G microSD card, this little wonder is smaller than your pinky! It can even be configured to record only when it hears sounds louder than 65db, making it perfect for hideaway surveillance. Monitor who's been stealing your cookies, keep a close eye on the babysitter, or even collect evidence of alien abductions!

Micro Camcorder Pro - Tiny, Discreet, Sneaky like a Ninja

Star Trek - The Movie Shirts - Boldly Go. Again.

Star Trek - The Movie Shirts - Boldly Go. Again.

Kirk is less polished than before. Relying more on instinct. Spock lost his Mom and homeworld, and Scotty is somehow more Scottish. The new Trek movie brought about a lot of changes in continuity, but that's ok. Change is good! Embrace the new! New faces, new starship, and new uniforms! These brand-new uniform tees are variations of the original-series shirts, except the colors are richer, and the emblems are silver. Plus, there's a cool long-sleeve black-on-black shirt like the one Chris Pine wore. Make it so!

WoodStation Weather Display - A Blend of Nature and Technology

What better way to get information about nature's rhythms (time and weather) than from a piece of wood. The WoodStation is a perfect blend of natural materials and display technology. When you get close to the Woodstation, a motion sensor will detect your presence and turn on the display. When turned off, it looks like a modern wooden sculpture. The WoodStation indicates the indoor temperature and humidity, as well as the time and date. A weather forecast icon is also displayed. The power supply can come from either a wall outlet or AA batteries.

WoodStation Weather Display - A Blend of Nature and Technology

Degohbah Frog Habitat - Grow a Frog with Yoda

Degohbah Frog Habitat - Grow a Frog with Yoda

We just wrote a song about Yoda. Wanna hear it? Here it goes: Yoda lives in a swamp and feeds all the creatures with stuff he steals from Luke's rations. Oh yeah. That's the song we sing when we help Yoda raise frogs. We start with the Degohbah Frog Habitat (habitat: a jar or cage you add fake stuff to and pretend it's a realistic home for animals) which provides a great starting point, as well as looking like an alien planet. To guide the tadpole into froggiehood, we've stuck in a little Yoda figurine. He'll make sure the frog grows up on the right path and doesn't turn to the dark side. Because a Sith frog is a bad frog. Just say no to Sith Amphibians.

RootJack Caffeinated Pirate Root Beer - 120mg of Caffeine and Scurvy Protection

(Read aloud in your best pirate voice.) On the seven seas, two things be tough to deal with. Number one, be scurvy. And number two, be fatigue. Put the two together and a pirate's life be pretty bleak. Glory be, then, that RootJack be brewed. A flavorful concoction like no other. It has 120mg of caffeine per bottle (more than enough to keep ye scuppering yer yardspike) and 100 percent of the vitamin C ye need to prevent the dread scurvy. Because scurvy makes ye gums bleed, and though Bleeding Gums be a good nickname for a jazzman, but a bad one for a pirate. RootJack - banish scurvy and sleep to Davy Jones' Locker.

RootJack Caffeinated Pirate Root Beer - 120mg of Caffeine and Scurvy Protection

Loopa Gyroscopic Toddler Bowls - Ready for rough play

Loopa Gyroscopic Toddler Bowls - Ready for rough play

Aren't you tired of your little children spilling their cereal all over the place? Short of gluing the box to their face, what's a loving parent to do? The answer is in the stars, dear friend, in the stars. Taking an inspiration from Saturn and mixing it up with the science of a gyroscope, two geeky parents created the Loopa Bowl! The Loopa Bowl is a weighted bowl attached to an outer ring. That ring is attached to another ring. This outside ring has hand grips for your geeklings to tote it around. The result? Purely contained pandemonium!

Quick Blurbs !!

DormVault Laptop Safe

DormVault Laptop Safe - For when your roommate can't be trusted

Ninja Star Coat Hook

Ninja Star Coat Hook - Hang your coat like a ninja

Handycooler Personal Air Conditioner

Handycooler Personal A/C Unit - Tattooine Approved

His & Hers Chromosome Towels

His & Hers Chromosome Towels - Being clean and dry is in your genes

Refresh Electronics Charging Station

Refresh Electronics Charging Station - A power supply with style

Wi-Spy 2.4i Spectrum Analyzer

Wi-Spy 2.4i Spectrum Analyzer - Updated for better performance

8-Bit Tarot Cards

8-bit Tarot Cards - Predict your 8-bit future

Super Mario Vinyl Figures

Super Mario Vinyl Figures - You Can Never Have too Much Mario

First Time Gear Clock

Geek Kids - First Time Gear Clock - Let them build it

ABC 3D Popup Book

Geek Kids - ABC 3D Book - Occipital Lobe Stimulation

Personal Soundtrack Shirt

Personal Soundtrack Shirt - Limited Sale, Save 25%

Japanese WALL-E Mini Figure Set

Limited Edition Japanese Wall-E mini figures - Save 30%

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The Latest Action Shot Winner: The Classic Bender Fork-in-Eye Move

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