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July 29, 2009

Muggles, Squibs and Assorted Others,

Welcome to the latest version of the ThinkGeek digital communique! We are as tickled as red shirts on a non-hostile lagooned beach to be sitting around the corner from our ten year anniversary. In fact, we are so tickled we decided to [REDACTED BY CORPORATE COUNSEL] our [REDACTED], and so now we can [REDACTED]! Sweet, huh? But enough about us. Read on to see some new wares and for the opportunity to win some pretty unique ThinkGeek prizes...

Red Shirt Cologne - Smell like there's no tomorrow!

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

ThinkGeek Is Turning 10 Years Old - Wants To Gift YOU Stuff!

ThinkGeek Is Turning 10 Years Old - Wants To Gift YOU Stuff!

ThinkGeek officially launched in 1999 on a most auspicious Friday the 13th. That makes us 10 years old in just a little more than 2 weeks from now. Ah the memories - all that caffeine, all the new faces here at the TG headquarters and all the happy joy times spent finding fun products and gizmos for fine folks like you over the years. And speaking of you, there could never be a ThinkGeek 10 year anniversary without you - so we decided we would run a little contest on your behalf. We are giving away lots of prizes including a $1200 shopping spree, cookies baked by ThinkGeek staff, a TaunTaun sleeping bag prototype, even a box of random doodads we recently found in a closet! Get all the details here:

Two New Magnetic Toys - Magnetic magnetism

Maybe we're silly, but we're just so dang attracted to magnets. To celebrate the way they attract each other, we bring you the Magic Penny Magnet Kit. You'll be able to perform all sorts of experiments and make really neat magnetic sculptures with it. But if you want to play more with magnets repelling each other, then the Magnet Levitation Activity Kit is for you. You'll learn all about magnetic repulsion, culminating with a representation of a maglev train. You'll marvel as it floats in mid air. And just think of all the crazy things you can do with both kits. Ah, magnetism - we're so stuck on you.

Two New Magnetic Toys - Magnetic magnetism

Retro Mini X Handheld NES System - Classic NES, Now With Lightgun

Retro Mini X Handheld NES System - Classic NES, Now With Lightgun

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed the proliferation of handheld retro gaming systems sprouting here at ThinkGeek. Now the Retro Mini X adds a critical new feature to your classic gaming arsenal -- The classic NES Zapper! Yes, in addition to handheld mode, you can connect this mini game system to a TV and play 8- bit favorites like Duck Hunt using the included wireless Zapper replica. You also get two wireless remotes for kicking your friend's butt at Mario Bros. Jack-in an original NES cart and you're ready to play.

From the things that float category - the Galileo Thermometer

Since we know you're the observant type, we're guessing you've probably seen this type of floating thermometer before. This one, however, has a more intriguing design featuring a single floating disk encased between two glass panes. Changes in temperature cause changes in density, making the disc rise or fall. Both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature readings are indicated and it's a terrific desk accessory or functional decoration for your home.

From the things that float category - the Galileo Thermometer

Bleep Labs Robo Audio Synths - Sing With the Droids

Bleep Labs Robo Audio Synths - Sing With the Droids

Now you can bring a little bit of Droid Opera to your home, office, or daily commute. The Thingamagoop is an awesome little light-controlled, analog synthesizer. Much like Raymond Scott's Circle Machine (and if you don't know who Raymond Scott is, shame on you), the Thingamagoop uses its LEDacle (an LED-tipped tentacle) to flash light (at different speeds) into its photocell. The photocell talks to the main oscillator and (with a little more technical stuff that we just won't get into here), you get blips and bleeps of pure electronic wonderment.

Star Trek Bottle Opener - They do get drunk in the 23rd century

By now, everyone has seen Star Trek in some form. People think the universal storylines always include exploration, infinite diversity, and a quest for galactic peace, but trust us -- everybody on the starship is drunk. Every port-of-call and every shore-leave is an opportunity to take advantage of the local libation. So, when Lieutenants Bailey and Farrell want to throw back with a few bottles of Trixian Bubble Draft, how do you think they pop the tops? They pull out shiny chrome Star Trek Bottle Openers shaped like the USS Enterprise. So, when you're about to get ripped on Romulan Ale, bring your opener because there are no screwtops inside the neutral zone.

Star Trek Bottle Opener - They do get drunk in the 23rd century

Logitech G19 LCD Gaming Keyboard - When Only the Best Will Do

Logitech G19 LCD Gaming Keyboard - When Only the Best Will Do

The G19 keyboard is really a complicated test of your hardcore gaming dedication in disguise. Do you own a killer gaming rig and will spare no expense to procure only the finest gaming peripherals available? Then we've got a great keyboard for you. The G19 combines all of Logitech's keyboard skillz, with a built in LCD display. Use the LCD screen to show game data, voip communication, CPU stats, Youtube video, etc. What's even cooler is the included software dev kit so you can write your own applications for the G19, if you've got the chops!

Flitter Fairies - They magically fly around you!

It's not good to be blue. Unless you are the Blue Fairy of Happiness, that is. And why not take a clone of the Blue Fairy (not to be confused with the Green Fairy) home for your kids to play with? The wings flutter and using pure fairy magic (aka: "pixie silk" - aka: very thin thread), your urchins can make it soar around their heads. It's a very simple magic trick, but it's also very effective. With just a little practice, your geeklings will have a fairy sailing around and amazing all who see. There's no way you can frown when the Blue Fairy is around.

Flitter Fairies - They magically fly around you!

New Geek Apparel - Now With 20% More Cool

New Geek Apparel - Now With 20% More Cool

This is the week for old meets new. We're serving up two old-standbys on fresh new garments and a new design on two familiar styles. First, we have 42 for the women, because the ultimate answer knows no gender- bias. This shirt is a departure for us. Generally, we stick with the basics, but this style was too irresistible. Then we went with a distressed hoodie for the popular design Zombie Protest. We think the exposed seams on this really scream post-apocalyptic. And finally, a new Serenity design on the good ol' black t-shirt. Note that the ladies' version is sized slightly differently than our normal babydolls, so be sure to check the measurements before you buy.

Megaminx - Duodecahedral Dementia

In a never ending quest to turn your poor grey-matter into liquid pools of tapioca, ThinkGeek has been scouring the Intarwebs for sources of new puzzles. What we've found will not only liquify your already gooey frontal lobes, it will boil them away into gouts of pinkish grey steam. Twelve sides, twelve colors, sixty-two pieces, and billions of combinations. Think your spacial relations skills are up to snuff? Think again! Luckily, if you want to cheat, it's easily disassembled and put back together. Remember, you'll be forever branded as a dirty stinking cheat.

Megaminx - Duodecahedral Dementia

Bluetooth Watch with Caller ID Display

Bluetooth Watch with Caller ID Display

This Bluetooth watch keeps you connected in style by combining a vintage analog/digital watch design with Bluetooth Wireless technology. It notifies you when your phone rings with a discreet vibrating sensation and showing the caller's name and/or number on the bright OLED display. When a text message is received the watch will vibrate and the text alert icon will appear. You can also mute the phone's ringer or reject a call by simply pushing a button on the watch. Now that's the kind of control we like to have.

Star Trek Hero Prop Type-I Phaser Kit - Stolen from Kirk

When Captain Kirk pulled out his Type-I phaser on TV, you knew he meant business. Because Kirk was the hero and the phaser he held in close-ups was the Hero prop. You could spend thousands of dollars buying one at auction now, or you could just pick up this kit. Each piece was molded off one of the real props and every tiny part is accurate to the original - even the electronics inside are exactly the same. This kit is made in the present, representing an object from the future, as seen in the past. How much more Star Trek can you get? Put together one of these kits and adventure is sure to follow.

Star Trek Hero Prop Type-I Phaser Kit - Stolen from Kirk

Why Cry Baby Analyzer - They're gonna cry, cry, cry

Why Cry Baby Analyzer - They're gonna cry, cry, cry

Controlling the cries of an inconsolable baby is one of the first true tests any parent goes through. It's one of those things that will keep you up all night regardless of which sleep medication you prefer. Sure, you have to be to work at sunrise, but kids don't know that! All they know is that they are NOT happy! And while putting in Episode IV may work when you're upset, children are an entirely different monster (think more Godzilla, rather than Sloth). The advanced frequency analysis on the Why Cry only needs 20 seconds to let you know why your child is screaming to the heavens -- is she stressed, sleepy, annoyed, bored or hungry? Moms might know instinctively, but it's not as easy for everybody else.

Quick Blurbs !!

Cabinet Soft Close Hinge Adapter

Cabinet Soft Close Hinge Adapter - An easy kitchen upgrade

Case o' Bawls

Don't Forget, July 31st Is Sysadmin Day - Get 'em something

8-bit Superhero Pixelated Fridge Magnet Set

8-bit Superhero Pixelated Fridge Magnet Set - Build 2 sizes

Guide to Pirate Parenting

Guide To Pirate Parenting - Avast Ye Spawn Raisers

Giant Plush Microbes

Swine Flu Giant Microbe Now Available

iStubz iPhone Sync / Charge Cable

iStubz iPhone Sync / Charge Cable - Reduce cable clutter

Geeky Wrapping Paper

Geeky Wrapping Paper - O hai. U likes mah Can Has wrappin papur?

Plastinkuzz DJ Scratch Card

Plastinkuzz DJ Scratch Card - Vinyl in Your Pocket

Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun

Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun - Suck the flies away

Plush Gun & Grenade

Plush Gun & Grenade - For safe warfare

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